Monday, May 29, 2017

Rome Burns? Nah.

What I See


The Fox News Channel (FNC) is an American basic cable and satellite news television channel that was founded by media mogul Rupert Murdoch in 1996. Murdoch appointed Roger Ailes as permanent CEO of the news operation. FNC (along with MSNBC) was created as an alternative to CNN. In January 2002, the ratings of the channel surpassed top-rated CNN to become the #1 news cable channel. The network has since maintained its #1 cable rating, with increasing viewership and international access helping it become a subject of controversy. [WIKI]

And, what was it that propelled FOX NEWS to the top spot?  [WRITE YOUR ANSWER HERE]

Tap, tap, tap ...

That's right.  Heterodoxy (any opinions or doctrines at variance with an official or orthodox position of the  Democrat Media Complex).  Or, more simply, FOX reported all the news, and the left were dumbfounded.  I remember... well, I don't remember what show I was watching; FOX and Friends, maybe; but some elected Dem was questioned, and answered with the same bullshit America had became used to.  BUT, WAIT!  A Fox person challenged the answer, citing the alternative, and real answer.  The Dem dude's jaw dropped, literally.  Mine too. Obbba obbba obbba.  At that very moment I sensed the  coming sea change in what the left could get away with.

So, that's all it took.  Truth,  And that's all it will take to replace FOX.   One America News is on track.  If, not them, someone else.  Because by now the vast majority of Americans know that the Dem alphabet channels are Goebbels-ized, and know what FAKE NEWS is.. 


Eskyman said...

I lived overseas for many years, and returned to live here back in 2003; I found the bewildering array of TV channels overwhelming, and had a hard time remembering what was on which channel.

One day I saw a news item, possibly about gun control (but I really don't recall what it was about) & mentioned it to my cousin. He immediately said, "You saw that on Fox News." I was a bit short with him & responded "How do you know it was Fox, it could have been any one of the 200 odd channels I get here now."

He said, "Because the other networks wouldn't have reported it at all. Fox is the only one who would mention it."

I still remember the amazement I felt at the realization- American "News" organizations aren't reporting the news. They are political operatives that deal in The Big Lie to accomplish their goals, which are seldom beneficial to Americans.

Now we have one less channel that we can trust even slightly. I hope OANN can pick up the flag where it has fallen on this civil battlefield!

rwnutjob said...

I was at my desk at home working on 9/11/2001 having just flown in from MSP the night before. I almost missed my flight & a co-worker drove me at 85mph or I would have been stuck there.

A friend emailed me during the morning asking: "Are you watching this shit on TV? I immediately turned on my office TV & watched as the first, then second tower came down. I was on CNN & was flipping channels to find more news when I came across Fox News. No one was asking what we had done to deserve this attack. They were standing up for America. The other news channels were immediately blocked.

I hate Murdoch the youngers are screwing it up.

Anonymous said...

Pretty nice little news channel you got here. Be a shame if anything happened to it.

I think the explanation of what happened there is probably just that simple.

Sir H the Comet

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