Thursday, May 04, 2017

Stuff I discovered

Human pheromones cause sexual attraction in women or men.  So powerful are these chemicals that a "perfect ten" high school cheerleader may find herself attracted to the total nerd she sits next to in chemistry class.  Usually the attraction is undone by the even stronger peer review force  (her girlfriends going "EEEEWWW!".)  I think  we've all  felt mysteriously drawn to someone at some gathering; or on, say, an elevatoroui?  Pheromone chemical at work.

I believe there's an adjunct condition I call "a
eromones©."  Yes, internet posted, or televised pictures, words, or even ideology, can trigger aeromonal sexual response to someone that may very well flunk
pheromones. Here's an example. At first I see a gangly, Ichabod Cranish woman.  But then .... .  Hmmm.  Aeromones. And evidently Madison Ave. are subject to aeromonals; witness The Teacher. "Teacher" from Pete Johnson on Vimeo.

But, wait.  This is a another example.  Gushing aeromonal !


Anonymous said...

Larry Kephart - I'm a geezer and I think the effects of pheromones grow weaker with age. There are benefits. While I still am attracted to, and appreciative of, drop dead gorgeous women, I no longer feel to urge to write bad checks.

Rodger the Real King of France said...


Anonymous said...

Aeromones, Pheramones, when that teacher gets to Sandals in Mexico, there will be whoremoans. That's the plan anyway.

Cheesy said...

IMHO, it's that parting shot of her saying "Yeeeeah!" and getting a massage on the beach in a towel that does it, Rodger.

Anonymous said...

Funny, those have been my thought about that commercial, just eloquently put to words.

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