Thursday, May 11, 2017

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'In all of our cities and all of our towns, I make this promise. We will make America strong again. We will make America proud again. We will make America safe again. And we will make America great again,' the audio of Trump blasted across the field as the players ran on.
'God bless you, and good night. I love you.' Donald Trump!

The Adelphi University Men's Lacrosse Team Came Out To A Trump Speech #MAGA A top seeded college lacrosse team has sparked outrage after they chose to enter the field to a Trump speech. - Deplorable News

The Adelphi University men's lacrosse team, in Long Island, had been given the option to pick their own entrance music to Tuesday's game.
But rather than a typical fight track, the team made the controversial decision to enter to a speech by President Trump, set to music.

A school spokesman said the speech does not violate school policy.The men's lacrosse team are allowed to chose their own season pregame warm-up music as long as it does not contain 'vulgarity or inappropriate subject matter,' Newsday reports.
'The songs they proposed and used this season meet those guidelines. As such, we are obliged to follow the policy,' Adelphi athletic director Danny McCabe said.

'Finally a college that respects the president and our country,' wrote Joanne Czaikowski Archer, while Jarred Buck added: 'Awesomeness! That team had guts and guts is lacking with that generation.'
Team coach Gordon Purdie apologized to anyone who had been offended by the choice of track, saying 'it was not intended to provoke or be taken as a political statement.' He added that the team 'traditionally has chosen patriotic music' to accompany their entrance to the field. However, many people online have questioned a sports team would use a political speech at all - let alone by someone as divisive as Donald Trump - after footage of the team's entrance was tweeted on Wednesday.

Ashley Worthey, an alumni who works at the university, said the team's decision had left her 'confused.' She said that while the private college was generally 'a good campus', that there was an issue with 'acceptance' from 'certain people on the campus.'

'I'm sorry. I don't get what lacrosse has to do with his stupid speeches,' Marylynn Torrëy wrote on Facebook. ' So stupid. Bunch of rich entitled kids at that school.'  *snort*

'Shame on you Adelphi, following an admitted sexual predator, liar bigot and world class narcissist,' Arthur Coccaro wrote. 'Martin Luther King's dream speech, maybe, but I just hope some of the players on the team are not ok with this stupidity.'

Another Facebook user joked that perhaps Adelphi had chosen the speech as a tactic 'to make the team sick and vomit listening to his c**p?'But others defended the team's right to free speech.

'Trump makes me sick but this is what freedom of speech is all about. Even if you don't agree with what someone says, they are well within their rights to say it,' Janet Oviedo-Torres wrote.

Gene Staudte added: 'Awesome!!! If that what pumps them up and gets them ready, good for them! They have every right to do that, it's called Freedom of Speech!!!!'

Others applauded them for supporting the president.

'Finally a college that respects the president and our country,' wrote Joanne Czaikowski Archer, while Jarred Buck added: 'Awesomeness! That team had guts and guts is lacking with that generation.'

Adelphi, which plays in Division II, is the top seed in the NCAA Tournament, which begins Saturday against Pace.

The NCAA has a rule against playing "controversial" music during tournament play, so no Trump entrance.  Still, the Joanne Czaikowski Archers, and Jarred Bucks out there will likely be just as upset to hear the national anthem, and see the stars 'n stripes waving. Boo-Yah!

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