Saturday, May 13, 2017

Swamp Turbulence?

            Global Warming Poop


Tillerson Signs Docs with Climate Change Statement, Insisting U.S. ‘Still Reviewing’ Policy (Ruh RO?)

As a member of the Arctic Council, the United States has signed onto two agreements that include efforts to protect the Arctic from climate change, linking it to human activity and calling on global efforts to reduce its effects, including enforcement of the Paris Agreement.  (via Skoonj)

Comments  I agree with (found on FR)

  • Reviewing the policy is a prelude to withdrawal from this agreement. We just brought 9 new science advisers to the EPA after firing 9 of OBotulism’s. They have to follow SOP and will no doubt formalize our withdrawal from this. by DarthVader
  • Trump (and Tillerson ) aren’t there to push an ideology (pro or anti AGW). They are there to MAGA (make Amrica great again). This is a great negotiating chip for that since the agreement obligates us to NO ACTION on global warming but lots of people are hysterical about it and will give a lot to keep up the appearance of a win. (by LostPassword)
  • It’s a junk document. You stay in the group to keep tabs on it.(by broken_clock)


Skoonj said...

I hope this doesn't kill drilling in ANWR. As for the Paris Accord, that's a second Uh-Oh possibility. Can someone please send Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump on a long vacation?

Doug M said...

Sabotage is easier from the inside.

Anonymous said...


here ya go:

Over a period of twenty months, EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy repeatedly concedes that the Agency’s sweeping climate-regulation of America’s fossil fuel-fired power plants will have no impact on the Earth’s climate. McCarthy openly admits that the Clean Power Plan “is not about end of pipe controls.” Instead, she says the rule is about “driving investment in renewables…, [and] advancing our ongoing clean energy revolution”. McCarthy says, “That’s what… reinventing a global economy looks like.”

Skoonj said...

Been listening to Mark Levin today. This agreement is a problem. The president has been taking a dive on his promises. During the campaign he said global warming is a scam. Now he's looking for a way not to get out of the Paris accord, and now this. Today there was a huge dust up with Israel, and it completely reverses his campaign intention of moving our embassy to Jerusalem. We have diplomatic relations with more than 200 countries. The only country in which we do not recognize their capitol is Israel. Between Tillerson and McMaster, we have invented a new nation, Palestine. That's right, they did it.

The tax reduction effort is a joke, as is the effort to repeal and replace Obamacare. It seems the Republicans think they can do government health care better than Democrats, but the marketplace has nothing to do with it. Ann Coulter today fired both barrels, and says she is very worried that the anti-Trump people may be right. I have to say that Trump is looking worse to me each day. It's as though Tillerson were imitating John Kerry. And please get Ivanka and her husband out of the White House.

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