Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Who will rid me ...

What may turn into the most explosive investigation in U.S. history regarding the rampant crime, corruption, and sedition of many if not most of the high-level players in the Obama regime

It was a good plan. After their thunderous loss in the presidential election, our country’s premier Olympian liars—Democrats all—put their heads together to develop a plan to accuse the newly elected president of collusion with our enemy, to get him impeached forthwith, and ultimately to preserve the communist/jihadist government that it took the previous eight years of formal power and a hundred years of planning to accomplish.

First, it was important for the orchestrator and financier of both the former regime and the current “resistance” movement to appear busy with other things, such as financing the travel arrangements of anarchists and thugs, and purchasing shiny new placards to be displayed at often-violent rallies around the country, all protesting the horrible things the newly elected president was doing:

  • Rounding up criminal aliens
  • Seating a conservative Supreme Court Justice
  • Reasserting American military supremacy
  • Sanctioning the murderous mullahs in Iran
  • Dropping the Mother Of All Bombs on ISIS targets in Afghanistan
  • Causing a precipitous rise in employment, et al.
  • Here’s a more extensive list.
The notion that Russia interfered in the election to help Donald Trump was a John Brennan/James Clapper confection created in an unorthodox way, and defied logic, given that Hillary and her associates had far closer connections to Russia than Trump or his associates did. John Merline writes at Investor's Business Daily: (Read Every Word)

Second, get the putative leader of the former, failed regime out of the country—preferably to an island that doesn’t honor U.S. extradition laws—the better to protect him from indictable crimes should the plan fail.

Third, develop the narrative—Trump’s collusion with Russia—and enlist the entire Democrat Party and 99 percent of the media to hammer relentlessly, 24-7, on this theme, omitting, of course, the fact that it would not require help from the Russians to win an election against the least attractive, least compelling, least accomplished, most corrupt Democrat candidate in decades.

OMG…how on earth could I have mistaken the personification of integrity with the very embodiment of dishonesty?

Silly silly me for confusing anyone in the Trump Organization with the feckless James Comey, recently defunct director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, who according to historian Victor Davis Hanson “de facto turned the FBI into investigator, prosecutor, judge, and jury in presenting damning evidence against Hillary Clinton, then nullifying it….”, confused Hillary’s criminal acts with her “intent” (not his role), whine[d] “in teenager fashion” at a Congressional hearing, “seem[ed] to think he could freely discuss the charges of Russian collusion, but not so transparently the far stronger evidence of unlawful unmasking of Americans caught up in (or in fact targeted by) government surveillance—apparently in understandable fear that the Democrats and media posed the greater danger to his career,” and was at the center of 10 major FBI scandals on his watch.

And who can forget how the top generals who president-elect Trump was interviewing for key jobs in his administration revealed the ability they had—and willingness to use that ability—to conduct extensive spying on any of the future Commander-in-Chief’s enemies?

Especially since now we know, thanks to Paul Sperry at the NY Post, citing Circa News, that during the election campaign, “the Obama Administration” (meaning Barack Obama) launched “a massive domestic-spy campaign that included snooping on Trump officials…routinely violating privacy protections…” that prompted the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court a month before the election to rebuke administration officials.” In addition, “a number of those searches were made from the White House, and included private citizens working for the Trump campaign, some of whose identities were leaked to the media.”

Did I forget to mention that one of candidate Trump’s most avid Republican supporters just happened to make a killing when he invested in a Russian company?

Kidding! That would actually be a malicious critic of both candidate and President Trump, Sen. Mark Warner (D-VA) who made $6 million in 2012 from Russian search engine and technology company Yandex.

Dr. J. Michael Waller, VP for Government Relations at the Center for Security Policy and an expert in defense, national security, and foreign policy, is all for the investigation of Russian involvement in American elections, and here spells out the deep involvement of Russia in Mr. Obama’s 2012 election, with prominent mention of key players like the Podesta brothers, Hillary, Thomas Pickering, Hunter Biden, and Viktor Pinchuk, as well as the sale of American uranium, et al.

Which brings me to this question: Who again is in bed with Russia?

Fake news cable and network channels—CNN, MSNBC, NBC, ABC, CBS—are still being paid by their globalist bosses to harp ceaselessly
Having exhausted their bogus questions, the swamp creatures have now moved on to President Trump’s son-in-law and trusted advisor, Jared Kushner, and his contacts with Russian sources before the inauguration. Critics seem most upset about the protocol here, i.e., that, apparently according to Emily Post, it’s “improper” to query important world players before the inauguration takes place.

Nothing will come of this desperate ploy, either.

According to James Freeman of The Wall St. Journal, “It’s been roughly 300 days since the FBI started investigating Moscow’s attempts to meddle in U.S. elections. So far the feds have come up dry in their search for evidence of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia.”

Yet, the fake news cable and network channels—CNN, MSNBC, NBC, ABC, CBS—are still being paid by their globalist bosses to harp ceaselessly on this failed effort, clearly in the hope that somehow, someway, someday, someone will come up with an irrefutable indictment and that the massive humiliation Democrats experienced from their shellacking at the polls and the repudiation of everything they believe in will be redeemed.

This fantasy should fit neatly with their other beliefs—in the virtue of Che Guevera and his ilk, the efficacy of socialized medicine, the validity of Sharia law, and let’s throw in the tooth fairy for good measure.

But all this is not to omit the real motive of the fanatical cabal conspiring to bring down President Donald J. Trump, which is to avoid the long arm of Attorney General Jeff Sessions in what may turn into the most explosive investigation in U.S. history regarding the rampant crime, corruption, and sedition of many if not most of the high-level players in the Obama regime.

That is what we’ve really been witnessing for the past year. And a warehouse full of Smirnoff will not make this blight go away!


At  some point I will feel the inevitableness of  comeuppance for this criminal element. Not quite there yet; but getting close. Althoug h"I'll put a bullet in your head': Fistfight nearly erupts on final day of contentious Texas legislative session" foreshadows Tree of Liberty blood, alas.


Stu Tarlowe said...

Thanks, Raja! I've Fwd'd this (along with a link to the original Canada Free Press piece) as "recommended reading" to everyone on my e-mail list.
As I've said many times, we are up against masters of propaganda who make Dr. Goebbels look like a tyro!

Tom Smith said...

It is interesting how they make the potential victim the bad guy for threatening to defend himself (Texas Legislature). If the RICO act exists for nothing else, it should include the press for the way the duplicate a narrative (lie) for the detriment of another.

Eskyman said...

Excellent article, covers all the bases! Yep, I too have spread it widely. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

There was a time, and not so long ago, in the great state of Texas that a citizen, when reliably informed of a threat made upon his life, limb or property, was allowed to arm himself and sally forth to personally demand an explanation from the threatening party.

None of this horse shit about lawsuits and whatnot.

Thus we understand how far we have deteriorated.

Sir H the Comet

Anonymous said...

Then again, Sir H, there's the Talmudic approach: "If a man threatens to kill you, rise up and kill him first."

Caballero Andante

Anonymous said...

Spot on, Caballero.

Sir H

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