Friday, June 23, 2017

But .. why wasn't the server turned over?



Anonymous said...

Gowdy and Jim Jordan are the only people who sit on that side of
the committee who know how to ask a question, the only ones.


oldvet1950 said...

Nothing will happen. The Dems will obstruct, obfuscate, hinder any investigation into their crooked dealings and the Repugs will do nothing!

Eskyman said...

Johnson: "That was a leading question, and I'll agree to be led."

He didn't answer the question, did he. End scene; pan out; cut.

Trey Gowdy is a very accomplished actor; he plays the uncorruptable prosecutor very, very well. It's sad that he's only a player, strutting across the stage; there is never any actual prosecution. No endictments are ever issued, nor is a Grand Jury called, and no one ever goes to jail.

I'm pretty tired of Establishment Kabuki Theater.

Anonymous said...

Gowdy knows how to produce good sound bites, but he never follows through to deliver a conviction.

Agree with Eskyman above -- kabuki theater.

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