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Like the Nazi dictator Sanders was an utter failure in private life, failing to earn a regular paycheck until his 40s much like Hitler, trying his hand at the arts like Hitler (Sanders styled himself a revolutionary poet for a time, but lacked talent much like Hitler failed as a painter), having been on the losing side of a major world conflict like Hitler (the latter fighting for Germany in World War I, the former for the Soviet side in the Cold War) and finally finding himself as a socialist demagogue whose primary rhetorical device is the Otherization of those he dislikes; in Hitler’s case it was the Jews, while for Sanders it’s bankers and other capitalists. That Sanders failed in his attempt to seize political power at the ballot box as Hitler was able to in Deutschland can be attributed to American political institutions being stronger than those in the Weimar Republic.

Have you seen the video shot by a man walking his dog near Eugene Simpson Stadium Park in Alexandria, Virginia, of Wednesday morning’s ugly events? It’s soul-crushing.

The video captured only about two and a half minutes of the fusillade unleashed by a former Bernie Sanders campaign operative named James Hodgkinson, an out-of-work home inspector from Belleville, Illinois and a committed member of The Resistance. Hodgkinson’s shooting spree actually went on for some 10 minutes, according to eyewitnesses, before two agents of the Capitol Police — Krystal Griner and David Bailey — attached to House Majority Whip Steve Scalise’s security detail put him down. Griner, who suffered a wound to her lower leg, reportedly fired the shot that finished Hodgkinson’s blood-fantasy-come-to-life.

And in the video you can see Scalise, lying in the outfield where he’d dragged himself after being grievously wounded through both hips, the bullet shattering bones and threatening major consequences to his future ability to walk or proper digestion. The congressman from suburban New Orleans, who this writer considers a personal friend, went into a third surgery at MedStar Washington Hospital in DC Thursday morning; more surgeries are likely needed. As of this writing he’s in critical condition, clinging to life. Three others hit in Hodgkinson’s fusillade — Zach Barth, a staffer for Rep. Roger Williams (R-Texas), Tyson Foods lobbyist and former congressional staffer Matt Mika, and Griner — should recover fully from their wounds.

A full recovery for the nation from this atrocity will also require some surgery. The root causes of the symptom Hodgkinson presented us with need to be addressed.


— most of the evidence one needs in order to prosecute Loretta Lynch, Hillary Clinton, Eric Holder, Lois Lerner and many others is already in the public record. Trump ran on draining the swamp; well, go drain it. And fast.
But there will be more Hodgkinsons, because the rhetoric and the spirit which produced him is alive and well and celebrated on the Left. Furthermore, even after the attempted mass murder of nearly two dozen members of Congress and the near-assassination of the House Majority Whip, there is no admission that The Resistance, the moniker being bandied about in self-congratulatory fashion to describe those people incapable of accepting the results of the 2016 election, inspired this man.

Sanders, for whom Hodgkinson stumped in Iowa, took to the well of the Senate and declared himself “sickened” by the attack. He then made clear that violence is unacceptable. Which is all very well, but of course this is a man who spent an entire year barnstorming America demanding a “political revolution in this country.” A revolution necessitates assassinations, does it not? Or did Sanders mean something else? Did he want a nonviolent revolution? What history is there of that?


Now would be an excellent time for Trump to lead.
Not with words, but with deeds. He needs to use this attempted massacre as an impetus to put his administration in order. He needs to appoint U.S. Attorneys for all 94 districts within the federal justice system and put those people to work. Investigations, and cases under RICO laws and other statues, need to be commenced and built. Those who abused our system for political means under the previous administration must be punished — most of the evidence one needs in order to prosecute Loretta Lynch, Hillary Clinton, Eric Holder, Lois Lerner and many others is already in the public record. Trump ran on draining the swamp; well, go drain it. And fast. [FULL]

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Skoonj said...

The shooting took place pretty near what was once a baseball park at Four Mile Run Park. It was owned by the school district, which had an unfortunate effect on the Alexandria Dukes class A baseball team that played there from 1978-1983. They couldn't serve beer! So eventually the team moved to Prince William County. The last game I saw there was against, I think, the Hagerstown Suns, managed by Wally Moon. The Dukes had some players who would eventually either get good or leave. Rafael Belliard was great. Mike Quade (pr. Kwa-dee), who we fans tried to encourage with the nickname Iron Mike, was there. He was recently manager of the Chicago Cubs. So you never knew what you were looking at. They had a catcher, by the way, who got thrown out of the league. A Spanish speaker, he would tip off Spanish speakers from the other teams to what pitch was coming. Eventually they caught him at it.

One day I saw some older guys practicing on the field. They said they were getting ready for the annual game between Hill Republicans and Democrats, the very same game as we saw a few days ago, at a different park from Four Mile Run, which no longer exists. Neither does the comity between parties. I would like to see the Democrat bastards die before calling 911. Unlike the Alexandria Dukes, with the Democrats you know exactly what you are looking at.

Anonymous said...

I've also been closely following crowd-sourced investigations of the murders of Seth Rick and Shawn Lucas and a bunch of other lesser-knowns. All these people died trying to push Bernie over the line.

Meanwhile Bernie took his hush-money (11 million?) the three mansions that he could never have earned and shut the hell up. Not a comment from Bernie about all the people Killary had rubbed out.

At the end of it, Bernie, much like Jill Stein (and her attempts to contest elections and made more money than in her entire campaign) and other avowed socialists are nothing but common thieves.

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