Thursday, June 29, 2017

Death by Irony


Anonymous said...

What's that stuff on her hands? Explosive residue from the bombs she's been making?

SA-X4 said...

CRAPP = Cair Released App

Anonymous said...

Another method for every member of the army of Islam in the House of War (all that is not the House of Islam that is ruled by Sharia Law) to be part of the war against all others. Every Muslim is a member of the Umma, which is all Muslims, a collective concept of Islam. The house of Islam is commanded by allah to fight the House of War (all else including the USA) until the House of Islam defeats the House of War and the house of War is permanently assimilated into the house of Islam and Sharia Law controls all of the world.
Any action against the conquest of the USA by Islam is considered an attack on Islam, or Islamophobic, or a hate crime, or racist incidents, or bias incidents.
the goal of Islam and every act of members of Islam is intended to conquer all that is not Islam.
Their god commands them to do so. their god commands them to lie to extend Islam.
Expect many lies.

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