Thursday, June 29, 2017

Generation Europa

Lt. Col. Gen. Tailgunner Dick offered this (FB) link too.


Anonymous said...

Barbarian invaders. Islamist savages. Ragheads. Sand niggers.
There are individual exceptions, but they, as a group, will NEVER will assimilate or fit in Western civilization.
See Europe soon, before it is gone to Sverigestan, Deutschistan, Nederlandistan, Francarabia, Belgaza, Lichtenmalia, Nord Africa…

"Alas, poor Europe, I knew it well, a place of infinite interest, of most excellent architecture: it hath borne me on back a thousand years, and now, how abhorred in my imagination it is! My gorge rims at it."
Lt. Col. Gen. Tailgunner dick

Stu Tarlowe said...

It took a guy on a "mobility scooter" to stand up to these cowards. What needs to happen when they attack a news crew (who, ironically, are apologists and propagandists for the "refugees") is for a bunch of "hooligans" to come out of the woodwork with bats and staves and go Buford Pusser on the goatfuckers.

pdwalker said...

These people are idiots. They support and encourage this immivasion and no matter how bad the consequences, they won't change their tune.

Traitors to their society and their children (and I bet many are actually childless).


Anonymous said...

Just one more example of why we must not allow them to "infest" the United States with their vile hatred and misogyny any more than already exists.

My big fear is that it may be too late. We may already have reached critical mass and there are enough of the nasty filth to accomplish their task.

I mean, a president and his adviser Jarrett being among them - how many more will it take for the idiot left to realize that they will be the first to be killed under the new "caliphate"?????

Were it not for the fact that so many good patriots would die also I would say just hunker down and late them be eliminated but, we must stop the problem before it goes any further. Trump is on the right path and if allowed to, he will get the job done - leftist bastids notwithstanding.


Murphy(AZ) said...

People, this is what self-inflicted stupidity gets you. There is not a nation in the EU that isn't being overwhelmed by this flood tide of unwanted humanity, and it is ALL the result of Liberal/Socialist governments trying for cheap labor (humanitarianism has nothing to do with it) and willingly overlooking the truth that the majority of these invaders want all non-Muslims dead.

They have made their beds, so to speak, and I'm not looking forward to the day where they come pleading to us, yet again, to pull their fat out of another fire of their own making.

My grandkids deserve better.

Eskyman said...

In CA, where I was born & now live- I'm surrounded with beautiful, compassionate, helpful people. The area is almost entirely white; they have no comprehension of the danger that these barbarians bring with them, as they've had no experience, and dismiss any uncomfortable truths they may hear with a shrug; oh, it's those haters, hating. All people are just the same, and just need some love & tenderness.

Recently my neighborhood newspaper (which is digital) had a post asking the community to help: a new family was moving in, and they needed everything! So the community, as is their nature, donated enough to buy them a car, house furnishings, clothing, plants... oh, did I mention that the family is muslim? From Somalia? Brought to our neighborhood by Obama. Almost all of these neighbors were (and still are) Obama supporters, so they're cool with that.

Now the family has arrived. A few of the women have posted that their colorful burkas & hijabs really enhance the neighborhood. A few of the men have posted that oddly, some things have gone missing from their backyards, and we should all watch for outsiders coming here to steal stuff. Video camera surveillance & alarm systems are selling like hot cakes.

I'm waiting, but so far no one has connected the dots. I doubt they ever will. I'm also reluctantly thinking that it's time to move to another state; one in the USA, which CA hasn't really been for a long time now.

The above is happening all across our nation. Coming soon to YOUR neighborhood!

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