Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Gut Feeling Check

Let me take this opportunity to predict the shooter did not vote for Trump, and is not a member of the NRA.  And, oh yes, is a Democrat.

Republican Congressman and House Majority Whip Steve Scalise was shot early Wednesday morning in Alexandria, Virginia while practicing for the Congressional baseball game at Eugene Simpson Stadium Park. Scalise was shot in the hip and is reportedly in stable condition. His staffers and two Capitol Police officers were also shot. At least five people were hit. "He was dragging his body from second base to the infield to get away fro the shooter," Rep. Mo Brooks, who was at the scene and applied a tourniquet to Scalise, described to CNN. "My adrenaline is raging. It's never easy when everyone around...



Anonymous said...

As we write this, Don Giordano (WPHT in Philly) is reporting that, before opening fire with a rifle, the shooter first inquired if those practicing were Republicans or Democrats. Don also reports that the Congressional security detail valiantly engaged the rifleman with their handguns.

We already carry our handguns everywhere permitted (and we avoid places where they are not). We think it's time to start carrying our rifles everywhere.

Ann Hedonia & Sam Paku

Anonymous said...

"Let me take this opportunity to predict the shooter did not vote for Trump, and is not a member of the NRA. And, oh yes, is a Democrat."
Based on the number of shootings of elected officials by libtards, I propose being a registered Democrat or ever having voted for a Democrat should make one ineligible to purchase or possess a firearm of any kind. Ever. -- General Petty Office Fifth Class Skyhawker Doug

Skoonj said...

Remember when Raja posted this?

Well, it's getting mighty near the point that many more conservatives and libertarians will be angry enough to go hunting.

Skoonj said...

The Left is sure keeping the hate going. Rush Limbaugh notes: "James Hodgkinson was not some lunatic fringe wacko that storms into a movie theater. He was deranged, don't misunderstand. But he was dead focused on policy -- which makes this even more disturbing to me, if that makes sense to you. The fact that he is a devoted leftist that is up to speed on policy and can recite verbatim what he hears spoken by people he admires and the media and the Democrat Party? That's what I think heralds the identity of the modern-day left, the media and the Democrat Party."

Once in a while you'll see a comment from a conservative saying this might be the time for armed conflict to settle this once and for all. After all, we have most of the guns.

There was a time when that might have succeeded. I don't think it will today, not for conservatives. Conservatives do not have fighting units or training. They have guns, but that could be their liability, since they don't know where to point them. The Left does, as Hodgkinson shows us. The Left now has organized fighting units, which they started organizing and training during the 2016 election campaign. They further expanded them at UC Berkley, and exercised them each time a conservative came to speak.

In contrast, conservatives don't know who the enemy is until they strike, and so can't effectively fight them. The left even has the bureaucracy. Buy a gun? Get a concealed carry license? Write a conservative or even pro-armed conflict comment on Facebook or Twitter? The Left can see it, save it, and make a list of all of that so they know who their enemy is, where their enemy is, and can use the organs of the state to take the conservatives and their weapons out of action. And enslave or kill them.

Don't imaging that getting angry at the leftists who say and do stupid things will make them stop. Actually trying to hunt them down will likely backfire. Without organization and training, defense against the likes of James Hodgkinson has to wait until they actually attack. Guess that means organization and training need to be on our to-do list. Soon.

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