Sunday, June 18, 2017

Hey Megyn; Show us your other boob


"Until Megyn Kelly, no prime-time Fox News anchor had tried to leap from partisan basic cable to the more pedigreed world of network news."

"... leap from partisan basic cable to the more pedigreed world of network news." 

As she stands there with the NBC anchor who took hand signal instructions from Hillary Clinton while "moderating" her debate with (now President) Donald. Trump?

The big question is, which paper (NYT or WaPost) has disgraced itself more in the past year?  I think it's neck and neck.


Drew458 said...

I'm confused about this whole Kelly/Jones story. As far as I can tell, she's under fire because she acted like a reporter and allowed a conspiracy theory guy to discuss his ideas, without beating up on him excessively. And thus "everyone" is having fits of moral outrage.

Seriously? If the dude is crazy, I can just ignore him. Far better would have been a bit of actual investigative introspective reporting on the extremely poor coverage of the shooting, and the numerous MSM reversals during the first couple days. School records etc would show if the school was actually in use at the time, police reports and evidence bags would show what kind of guns were used, and so on. Was Laughner manipulated? Not that hard to tear down his thesis with facts. If facts exist. And that's the big IF. Because the Obama Regime was so dishonest, the media so complicit, the push to get AWB back was so heavy (Fast and Furious much?), and the total lack of on-scene photos "due to upsetting graphic content" makes plenty of people feel they're being manipulated.

Come on; Birthers, Truthers, Fake Moon Landers, Grassy Knoll theorists, etc. Plenty of theories out there, some far more believable than others. And most of the far Left thinks that Truth is subjective anyway. So what is really real? But a massive snit fit because a tinfoil hat guy got a chance to talk? That's wrong. Or is this whole thing because Evil Trump likes him? Trump, the guy who started his media push with his demand for Obama's birth certificate ... which has been shown in detail to be totally phony and 'shopped. A conspiracy theory that looks 100% true.

Eskyman said...

There is very little- maybe nothing at all- in the MSM that is actually factually true when it comes to hot-button issues. As Drew458 points out, the photoshopped Oblabla birth certificate is a great example; Sheriff Joe Arpaio held a press conference to demonstrate the conclusive evidence that the whole thing was phony, but guess what?

None of the MSM attended the press conference. It wasn't in the NYT, LAT, on CNN... they buried the story, just like they bury stories of anything that doesn't fit their pre-arranged narrative. Similarly, true stories of the multiple occasions where a gun owner defends himself or his family is "local news" only, if it even gets mentioned there; don't want to "glorify" guns saving lives, do we.

As to Sandy Hook- shortly after that story broke I found lots of well-documented information on the net that gave me a strong indication that this was indeed a "false flag" operation, to encourage more gun control. That was also the motivation behind Fast & Furious; the public were intended to get the (false) idea that Mexican cartels were getting their guns from American gun stores, and the body count was expected- even encouraged!- so that people would become outraged and demand action. What action? Why to demand more gun control laws of course. Holder and Obama were thick as thieves on this matter, and it was successfully covered up; Obama used "executive privilege" and Holder got cited for contempt of Congress. With no penalty, of course, from our spineless representatives.

There are many good and valid reasons not to believe anything that the MSM says. That's why I no longer watch TV at all; I cut the cable long ago, to save what sanity I have. Bottom line for me: the Sandy Hook story is just that. The complete wipe of every bit of possible evidence to demonstrate that it actually happened proves to me that most likely it did not. YMMV!

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