Saturday, June 03, 2017

Kathy Griffin Is Now a Serial CNUT

Sarah Palin’s son has Down syndrome.


Skoonj said...

I believe those shows are now cancelled.

I made an early acquaintance of Down Syndrome. As a Brooklyn Dodgers fan, I knew it when Carl Erskine's son arrived, with Down. Carl was a terrific pitcher for Brooklyn, and threw two no-hitters in his career.

He discussed Jimmy in the documentary The Boys of Summer. I'm not going to tell any of the story Carl told of Jimmy, but if you wondered if Down Syndrome people have a sense of themselves, and were truly human, Carl left me in no doubt.

In early 1995 I went to Dodgers fantasy camp. I knew I had to do it soon, since the Brooklyn players were dying at a fast rate. Since the camp, Brooklyn players I met there have died, including Duke Snider, Clem Labine, and Ralph Branca. Carl still lives, and is 90.

One of my favorite experiences of that camp was meeting Jimmy Erskine. At the time he was born, it was common for Down Syndrome babies to be given up for adoption, or maybe just institutionalized. Well, I knew of him for decades, and now I met him. I was delighted having done so. Carl Erskine and his wife Betty would never consider giving up Jimmy, and there was never any reason to do it.

I'm sure Sarah Palin feels exactly the same about her son. She knows that with a Down Syndrome kid, you just have to love them a little more.

Kathy Griffin? Well, she will rot in hell at some point, just not today.

Anonymous said...

When did it go from being "Down's Syndrome" to "Down Syndrome"?

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