Saturday, June 17, 2017

Short Hand


Anonymous said...

Half-assed shoveling, half-assed railing by a half-assed asshole.
Lt. Col. Gen. Tailgunner dick

JLW III said...

It's a duplex. One guy shoveled. The other one didn't.

Anonymous said...

^JLW by golly you're right!
Revisit: Bums, idiots and liars on one side; somebody responsible on the other.
One does his civic duty, the other will expect someone else to do what they should do for themselves, or for that matter, use the responsible guy's work or stuff as his own.

Back in 1957 or '58, we had a blizzard with ~30" snow and drifts deeper than that.
My dad was out on an oil truck, helping the driver pull hose to get oil and heat to customers. The snowplow came up the street the next morning, and I, home from school, labored most of the day to dig a parking place for dad in front of our house for when he got home. A neighbor (even in those days as a teenager, I knew he was a rabid Democrat) took the spot. When dad got home late, he had to park at the shopping center a mile away and walk home. Late that night, we dug and dug and buried that dirtbag's car up to the hood and packed the snow. It was frozen in for days, maybe close to a week.
Like chopping wood, that job warmed me.
Lt. Col. Gen. Tailgunner dick

gadfly said...

On the other hand, the only handrail is on the shoveled side and I would neither descend not climb those lousy stairs without handrail help in that kind of weather. We need not make assumptions about the person who wishes to engage with the Trumpster - she might be in love.

rwnutjob said...

The leftist will just use his steps. I'm just sayin.

Kickout Noncitizens said...

Obviously a lazy liberal bastard lives there.

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