Wednesday, June 14, 2017


Guy Ellis


Unknown said...

"I wish I were stronger."
(Unless you're trying to show that Comey is, in addition to his other faults, quasi-illiterate.)

Skoonj said...

This reminds me that when I was in the Air Force, we wore a uniform head piece, which we called a c*nt cap. Wasn't pink though.

Unknown said...

Skoonj, you probably know that "cunt cap" (I appreciate your wanting to be genteel, but we don't have to censor ourselves here at C&S) was not exclusive to the USAF, and was officially an "overseas cap". The troops' vernacular for it probably referred to the way one pulled it open in order to don it. In the food service industry a semi-disposible white paper version is still worn, and the boxes they come in say "Overseas Cap" even though most of the workers who wear them don't have a clue how that name came about, or what the troops called them.

Skoonj said...

Stu, yes, I'm too reserved. And you are right, in some places it's called an overseas cap. However, if you were in aviation, as I was, it's the only cap we used. Except once a year, when we had to wear Class As and a wheel hat for the annual parade, which the AF guys hated, and the Army guys loved. They looked sharp, and we were out of step, and we were glad it was just once a year.

Anonymous said...

Mother saw to it that I had a pretty sheltered childhood and bloomed quite late, too late for my tastes but there it is. Anyway, freshman year in high school, Mac Donnell County High Skool, everybody either joined the JROTC or got publically shamed as being a faggot, whatever that was. But we knew it couldn’t be good. This was, of course, decades before it became mandatory, or near enough.

The NCOIC was a retired Snake Eater and just being around him broadened my horizons amazingly. Anyway, we got an issue of uniforms and upon return home with this bag full of crap my sainted mother asked what kind of cap that was. Not knowing any better, and in honest ignorance and innocence, I repeated what the old Snake Eater had called it. Mother turned quite pale, although at the time I didn’t understand why, and stood there working her mouth kinda like a fish out of water……..

Father snorted, snickered, turned on his heel and left her with the remains of the day, as it were. Was. Whatever.

As earlier stated, I had no idea why they were acting strangely. But eventually I sorted it all out, the hidden meaning and whatnot. Mother was no help there……yet another opportunity squandered…….oh well…….onward thru the fog.

Master Sergeant Jimmy R. James, R.I.P., who named his son “Jessie”. MSG James, like some of the other teachers, moonlighted driving a school bus route, and was known to stop off at the tavern on the way back to the bus barn after running his route. There was some squawking about this from some of the other so-called “professional” teachers, but they were never able to do much about it. He had a pretty good story about Dickie Chappell visiting his team in Laos, among others.

Sir H the Comet

Skoonj said...

If Mueller can investigate President Trump for "obstruction", can't Trump order the FBI to investigate Mueller for conflict of interest?

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