Monday, June 12, 2017

1956 Tech

            Techno Thrills

Live modern for less...with gas! This commercial was aired during The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet back in 1956.

I'm watching this 1956 commercial and am wowed by the ease of cleaning the oven door.  Like, just remove it and take it to the car wash (or other.)  But, it was where  infrared cooking is touted that my  radar really locked.  

In this 2016 post I  discussed my Father's Day gift of a  CHAR BROIL Infrared Grill .  So new was this concept, to me, that I had to lookup how it worked.  Like, it is (as far as I'm concerned), impossible to cook a dry piece of meat. I want this for my  kitchen.  Really.  I told Mo Sup that I could retro fit it into the oven hole, but was scoffed onto submission. Any way, what took so long?


Anonymous said...

It is a head scratcher. But I'm sure someone on here knows the answer.

Anonymous said...

Ron in Ohio Asks:

Rog, was that a Char Broil "Big Easy" Infrared Turkey Cooker/Roaster/Smoker combo? I have had mine for almost 5 years and I'm one of Char Broils best testimonials for their product.

I have fixed, Brisket, Chicken, Cornish Hens, Lamb, all cuts of Pork and whole Turkeys in mine in usually 1/2 the time, or less, than using an oven. A 12 Lb Turkey will be done in just 2 Hrs. Two Cornish Hens in 30-45 Mins. The only thing missing are the wonderful aromas in the kitchen since I have to use the Char Broil on the deck.

Anonymous said...

Ron in Ohio Sez:

Whoops! I shoulda' read your 2016 posting first, Sorry 'bout that.

I briefly thought of buying that model of Char Broil grill but, about 6 years ago I bought just such a grill from Sears. The service techs and I never could get the infrared features to work, So, after 3 service calls I told them to come pick it up and take it off of my card. I then got a heck of a deal on a Weber Genesis E-320 grill and it has worked flawlessly.

The Sears experience kinda' soured me on the grill/infrared combo. Then I caught the Big Easy on sale, for almost 50% of today's cost, and thought I'd give it a try. I'm more than satisfied.

I subscribe to a few barbecue/smoking web sites and everyone seems to have good things to say about Char Broil's line of grills and infrareds but not their smokers. I'm wanting to down size from my large propane cabinet smoker and my 25-year-old offset Charcoal Texas smoker to an easier to use electric smoker but, I haven't heard of a reliable one. If you or any of your readers have any recommendations I'll be glad to listen.

Anonymous said...

A bit ago the health freaks were bitching about charred and/or smoked meat being bad for you, but they keep changing about what foods are good or bad for you. So it looks like coffee , rye whiskey, food fried in lard, meat, and potatoes are the way to

MAX Redline said...

Love my infrared grill!

drew458 said...

Anonymous - that sounds like Saturday breakfast!

Anonymous said...

IR is marketing B.S. Does it heat things? Absolutely! It's also all around us on any sunny day (along with UV), and radiates from many heat sources, i.e. charcoal or gas grills.

Rodger the Real King of France said...

Anonymous ... In my life time I've owned every kind of outdoor cooking device known to man. I vouchsafe that this Char Broil thing does stuff I've never experienced. Science be damned.

Anonymous said...

Roger.45 I had Char Broil infrared grill for about 3 years and found it to be very high maintenance. The infrared devices were prone to rusting even though they were made of stainless steel. There are many holes in the IR device that need to be kept clear of baked on splatter which proved difficult to remove. I do live in a high humidity region of the country and kept the grill on my back porch beneath a roof, but open walls, which encouraged the oxidation. The cast iron grills didn't last well either despite frequent cleaning and application of canola oil.
I now have a Big Green Egg and really like it even though there is a different method of tending the grill while cooking.
Just my 2-cents.

Rodger the Real King of France said...

At worse, then, that's under $100/year (not counting propane). I do, BTW, rub the grates with oil before using. And I lined the bottom with heavy gauge foil. All is good.

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