Tuesday, June 27, 2017

WaPo Gang Wang's Trump

WAPO Pushes Fake News That Thomas Jefferson
Held WH Iftar Dinner to ‘Celebrate Ramadan’

Amy B. Wang of the Washington Post led the pack with this nonsense


Tom Smith said...

I wonder if the lack of rigorous academic exercise in school causes these people to repeat what they hear without investigation, or do they know the truth and think the rest of us won't check their lie out. In either case they should be embarrassed........if they had any shame.

Dan said...

I don't much care if TJ did or didn't.
I like the fact that DJT didn't. I hope he keeps *that* tradition.

0007 said...

That "tradition" appears to have started with Bush the first, bless his heart.

0007 said...

Ooops, make that Clinton and of course bush the second good semi-prog that he was/is followed along.

Eskyman said...

IIRC President Jefferson did have one "first" with regard to the barbarian savages known as moslems- he formed the US Marine Corps, and sent them to deal with the moslem pirates: "to the shores of Tripoli" he sent them.

The moslems haven't changed, it's a new generation of barbarian savages but otherwise they're just the same. As far as I know, Jefferson never invited any of them to dinner!

HMS Defiant said...

Look at the "Jefferson Bible". The man had it nailed in Hebrew, Aramaic, Latin, English and French and there was never a peep about the ridiculous nature of the crazies east of Suez.

Anonymous said...

We're all gonna hafta take a cue from how Jefferson dealt with the Barbary Pirates; we're all gonna hafta start wearing the thick leather collars that gave our newly-formed Marine Corps (Obama would pronounce it "Corpse"!) the nickname "Leathernecks". That way we'll have a little protection against any of those poor, oppressed refugees sneaking up on us with their scimitars!

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