Tuesday, June 27, 2017



The lawsuit has to do with an editorial the NYT ran on June 14 that falsely smeared Palin as inciting the 2011 shooting of Democratic Rep. Gabby Giffords by a mentally ill man. There is no evidence to support the NYT’s implication that Palin played a role in inciting the Giffords shooting.


gadfly said...

Well, it really depends on what you read on the 14th. there was a buried story about the baseball shooting in which the writer noted:

In 2011, the shooting of Ms. Giffords by a mentally ill assailant came during a convulsive political period, when a bitter debate over health care yielded a wave of threats against lawmakers. Sarah Palin, the former vice-presidential candidate, drew sharp criticism for having posted a graphic online that showed cross hairs over the districts of several members of Congress, including Ms. Giffords — though no connection to the crime was established.

The lead editorial, however left the "no connection" observation off - until smart readers told them that they screwed up - at which time the editorial as changed and an apology issued.

Rodger the Real King of France said...

Too late. We're taking no prisoners. Hoo-Rah.

Anonymous said...

We can hope for billions and billions. Shutter that hall of calumny.
Lt. Col. Gen. Tailgunner dick

Esteve said...

You go girl!
As an aside, I am ashamed of my contributions to Bezos' fortune but the Amazon Prime call of the siren is hard to resist. What is one to do?

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