Thursday, June 15, 2017

What's good for the goose ...



Anonymous said...

He can't take her to divorce court. He'll lose the boat.
Lt. Col. Gen. Tailgunner dick

Anonymous said...

For 30 years my Dad had a marina on Grand Lake of the Cherokees in NE Oklahoma. One day in the winter a Canadian Goose came by and my Dad fed him along with all the other ducks. In a week he had run all the ducks off, 2 of my Dads three dogs wouldn't come down the hill to work. Goober Goose was a mean son of a bitch, but he loved my Dad just like this guys goose loved him. In April when he'd get warm, he'd saddle up and head out for the summer. Just before Christmas he'd come back. This went on for 5 years. Ole Goob whipped every dog in the neighborhood, except my Dads big Weimaraner male, Flex. Goob managed to stay just one flap ahead of the gray monster that wanted him dead. One day my stepmom was bringing an armfull of shirts down the ramp for the spring opening and Goob hit her right in the back. She screamed and out of nowhere, Flex got him. The story ends there. I hadn't thought of ole Goob in years. Thanks Rog for posting this. Damn dusty in here tonight. The kind that gets in your eyes. -Anymouse

Unknown said...

Years ago I had to leave my big GSD "Levi" (I loved to tell people "He's called 'Levi' because he pants!") with friends while I was off on some project. My friends had geese, and every day my poor dog would get his ass whupped by a big ol' goose. Levi could have just taken a bite out of the honker, but instead he just took his daily beating.

BTW, geese make far better "watchdogs" than dogs do! They are organic proximity alarms.

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