Sunday, June 25, 2017

When 'Better Dead then Red" makes sense to Libs


"Clearly, though, these Democrats have never heard of a certain Rodney Stooksbury. (They are not alone in this.) One good reason why Tom Price beat his last opponent by 23 points was that his last opponent was functionally indistinguishable from a corpse or a bag of lettuce.

Stooksbury spent precisely $0 on his campaign and has never been seen in public. Jon Ossoff had the entire national Democratic Party pulling out the stops for him, and flooded Atlanta television with ten million dollars in advertising. Drastically improving on the Stooksbury numbers should be no dazzling feat. (Although, somewhat hilariously, Stooksbury actually got more total votes than Ossoff, 124,917 to Ossoff’s 124,893. Granted, special elections have lower turnout, but good grief.)"


Skoonj said...

I hear the Democrats are thinking of replacing Pelosi with Stooksbury. He'll be a lot cheaper, and far less annoying.

Chris in NC said...

Special elections have lower turnout usually. Typically. This wasn't typical. The democrats turned out in their standard numbers. Hence the same number of votes as November. The party made sure to let them know to turn out and was on every kind of media platform trumpeting the message. It's the republicans that took it for granted and didn't turn out and that's why it was withing 5 points. Add November's turnout for the repubs and it's a 20% win again.

Murphy(AZ) said...

Wow! Another perfect a*shat so proud of him/her/it self that they forgot to add their name.

Murphy(AZ) said...

Sorry if my previous post seems to make no sense... I was responding to something that is no longer there (or was only in my mind?) Never mind!

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