Thursday, July 20, 2017

Baltimore reaches for the moon!

Last Republican Mayor ... 1963-1967


Anonymous said...

If all these white folks would quit,,,,,oh,,,,,,never mind.


Anonymous said...

Maybe they should lower expectations a little and just advertise "Wound Shot Weekend". For this weekend only, wound shots are misdemeanors and you get double EBT. -Anymouse

David aka True Blue Sam said...

Bail is easy to make with double EBT! You're killing me! Wound Shot Weekend should win the Internet today!

Anonymous said...

Duh! Why didn't Chicago think of this?

Easy Button


Anonymous said...

But I had to kill da muthafucka. He done called my bitch a ho.

(My name be "Antwan" coz my momma liked the sound but dint have a fucken clue how to spell "Antoine".)

MAX Redline said...


Anonymous said...

Hi momma name L-ah (Leedashah). -Anymouse

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