Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Better living through photoshoppery,


Anonymous said...

No, and walking around in your underwear (from Victoria's Secret?) isn't an excuse for assault either. Walking down a dark alley with money sticking out of your pockets isn't an excuse for robbery, either. Of course not.

Ann Hedonia & Sam Paku

DougM said...

Well then, good thing he didn't tweak her ass.

Anonymous said...

If she truly believed what she espouses, she'd be wearing her birthday suit. Bare butt is no excuse for assault, either.
Sorry, but these clowns that dress for effect, and carry signs that mean nothing, are actually posing to get publicity. They succeed in that, sometimes, but create a very off-putting atmosphere. Why would I give a ripe-fig about what they have to say when they make so many assumptions about how I think?? I don't.

Eskyman said...

Too bad. She'd be cute if she wasn't cray-cray.

I've known too many women who looked great, until they opened their mouth and exposed their lunacy; it's impossible for me to retrieve the attraction that my eyes first gave me after that.

This gal doesn't even have to open her mouth, so she's ahead of the game. Wonder how many cats she'll have when she dies?

Anonymous said...

At least her pits are shaved

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