Saturday, July 22, 2017

But Wait! There's More...



MAX Redline said...

Yep. Now they just call it "climate change". But it's still All Your Fault - as they jet around in private planes to warn everyone.

Eskyman said...

Aw shucks, didn't we all get kilt back in the late '60s when the Earth froze? This ozone-layer scam was a johnny-come-lately!

And if we weren't froze to death by Glowball Cooling, which changed to Glowball Warmening, which changed to Climate Change, must've done the dirty deed long ago. I reckon we've all been dead for decades already!

For those who aren't convinced that the virus called Mankind should be stomped out, or doused with gasoline and set on fire because of ManMadeClimateChange(tm) then you may be interested in this 12 part series, "What Is The Greatest Scientific Fraud of All Time" which I found over at Dr. Jerry Pournelle's blog (he's a real rocket scientist you know.)

Here's the first installment in the series:

Scroll down to July 18 on Dr. Pournelle's blog for the rest. Here's a hint to the contents: Fake the data and you can prove ANYTHING!

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