Tuesday, July 04, 2017

Take Your Pick

cinema à la carte                                    

Night Crawler and American Violence are two movies I expected nothing from. Both were terrific.  Really.  Netflix

KANO is the true story oft a Japanese high school baseball team, just prior to WWII (at least two players were later killed by the allies) that made it to the equivalent of the college world series.  I stuck with it and was richly rewarded.  NetflixSubtitled.

Amazing World of Automobiles, on Amazon, is a must for gear heads.  Lots of stuff you never knew.

I hesitate including "Immoral Tales," and "The Beast," for fear of leading people into a state of mortal sin..

Immoral Tales falls short of being porn, but just. By varying degrees, segments are are art.  The Beast is clearly pornographic, but is also the most frightening tale I've ever watched.; one that  relies on  graphic sex for the awful finale.   Both on Netflix.  Subtitled.

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MC said...

If you like cars, Mighty Car Mods from Australia is excellent. You tube only show the guys do themselves.

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