Sunday, July 16, 2017

He's still a dickhead.

"Donahue is probably not a self described Marxist, but a bleeding heart liberal who also only repeats the same talking points that all his anti-Capitalists friends practice saying in the bathroom." (YouTube commenter)


Anonymous said...

Yannow, it might be worth that nonsense for a while just to see the heads of the feminazis in the Army hierarchy explode when a swinging dick walks in on them in the shower.
Allegedly being in the war-making business, they should appreciate "hoisted by her own petard".
Lt. Col. Gen. Tailgunner dick

Anonymous said...

Father of payroll deduction for income tax.

Tom Smith said...

I can watch hours of Milton.

Rodger the Real King of France said...

Dunno Lt. Col. Gen. Tailgunner dick. Everybody knows the Feminazi secretly craves that scenario.

Murphy(AZ) said...

Phil who? Wasn't he the guy on TV who used to sell retirement condos in Florida? Or was he the guy who hawked guided tour vacations in Bulgaria?

Still irrelevant after all these years.

Jess said...

I watched Donahue a few times. My initial reaction was he confused. After watching, I realized he was, but he was perfect for his show. Unfortunately, a substantial amount of people found his show appealing, and repeated the current narrative created by the show producers.

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