Monday, July 31, 2017

"I can see L.A. traffic from Tuscon .."

Tom Smith


Anonymous said...

Beautiful old straight tail C-172, that's classy. Best book I've ever read about flying the SR71 because he really explains the missions and pilot requirements is "The Smell of Kerosene" by Don Mallick. Very much worth reading if you are into aviation porn. And since he was one of the first four NACA/NASA test pilots, NASA has made his book available for free, here. -Anymouse

Rodger the Real King of France said...

Thanks for that link

Anonymous said...

While your at, check this out,
All sorts of audio and ringtones.

marc m

Anonymous said...

Had to watch it again, that guy is the author of "Sled Driver" which is an out of print coffee table book, and a copy will cost ya 600.00 on Amazon. This guy ain't some slicky boy Academy ring knocker. His path to sleds was hell. He flew in Cambodia in crappy T-28's and got shot down and horribly burned. He drug himself out and managed to escape and it all turned into a huge battle. He was thought to have terminal burns and survived 15 surgeries. No one thought he would be functional, he completely recovered and the rest is history. Cause f-n Murica. -Anymouse

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