Friday, July 28, 2017

I like how the Podesta character gets whacked,

cinema à la carte                                 

A Spaghetti Danish Western

Here's the trailer, but I'm glad I didn't watch it first.  Woulda diluted the rage build-up.  This is easily a Clint Eastwood  role. 50 years ago (YIKES!).  Trump, too, came to mind as the good guy who takes on a passel of filthy bushwackers.


FishStyx said...

I enjoyed this film.
While its not very heavy on "story"; casting, acting, and cinematography are all above par!
...just a good Saturday-afternoon western!

Anonymous said...

Wait, someone in 2017 made a history based movie where the hero is not going against the societal norms while fighting to save the blacks from those dreadful Southern monsters? Gotta be kidding me. I'll watch it. -Anymouse

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