Wednesday, July 19, 2017

I mean this in the good way ....


Who is this man  ..
and why is he possibly the most important man in the world?

He's  Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey.  In the event of the  sudden retirement, ahem, by AZ Sen. John McCain, he will  select his replacement.  The good news is, Doug Ducey is a Republican. No Republican he selects can be worse than McCain.  IMHO.


FishStyx said...

As an Arizona native and remorseful one-time McCain voter (Cut me some slack. It was 35 years ago and I distinctly remember being drunk!), that decision from our current Governor is long over-due.
Senator Lettuce should have been replaced for mental-incapacity moral turpitude YEARS ago!

Murphy(AZ) said...

While Gov Deucy is certainly no prize, he IS a Republican. He is strongly rumored, if given the chance, to appoint himself to replace Sen McCain, blessing our state with Sen Jeff Flake (McLame Lite) and Sen Deucy (McLame Lite-lite.)

Oh for the Golden Era of Barry Goldwater!

FishStyx said...

Amen, Brother Murphy!

Eskyman said...

Murphy, you would have my sympathy... in fact, you do! at least all that I can spare.

I live in CA though, so I'm too busy feeling sorry for myself to have much sympathy left over!

Fact is, I'd trade both of my Senators for a dead mule. At least you can beat a dead mule.

Anonymous said...

Reports tonight that McLame has gotten a diagnosis that many have
suspected for a long time. Will he do the right thing and resign,
I doubt it.


MAX Redline said...

^Geo: Nope. He's going to stay in orifice until the microphone is pried from his cold, dead hands. Just like Pelosi.

Murphy(AZ) said...

In spite of how I feel towards John McCain, and whether or not he resigns, I would not wish brain cancer on anyone. My prayers are with him and his family.

Given that, you can bet that some enterprising reporter is going to ask Gov. Deucy (probably without any tact) who he will replace McCain with. Doofus will hem and haw (he's good at that) and probably ramble on with something about what a great guy McCain is and finish with a non-answer. He's pretty good at that, too.

But you can bet your summer vacation that Doofus has been burning up phone lines since yesterday's announcement, and gathering for impromptu meetings with his minions, laying out his path to Washington.

He couldn't have planned this better if he was Hillary! Clinton.

rickn8or said...

Murphy, BETTER than Hillary Clinton; no paper trails, no fingerprints.

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