Saturday, July 29, 2017

Mowing Here Boss


Trump could totally change the way FOIA is handled. Let people from JW and all think tanks and news organizations have BROWSE access to all relational databases in the government ... except maybe a very small number that contain truly secret stuff.

The reality is that almost nothing that is more than 1 year old except the identities of FBI and CIA/NSA informants is worth keeping secret. Everything moves so fast these days that what happened a year or 5 years ago is worthless.

But think of HUD, HHS, DOT, FDA, FCC, SEC... no reason to keep anything secret.

So just give everyone BROWSE access to most everything.
Currently agencies spend big bucks on staff who do nothing but respond to FOIA requests. Their staff salaries are unnecessary expense...waste.

The data belongs to the people; not the swamp.
Let JW, think tanks, media pay for the salaries to grab the data.

OPEN THE BOOKS should be OPEN THE DATABASES.  (spintreebob)


Anonymous said...

I dunno Rodge..could we stand the odor? Unless we had powers of execution, maybe.
Lt. Col. Gen. Tailgunner dick

Anonymous said...

Apparently the Swedes had their entire nations personal identity compromised this week. I predict the same will happen here, but it will be a colossal cyber attack. As Obama Card dies, they will just leave the door open. -Anymouse

Murphy(AZ) said...

If nothing else, such openness would mean: a) full employment for Reporter Wannabees, b) it would expose in fact what many of us have believed in theory; that most politicians are scum and most political appointees are scum-sucking crooks, and c) that holders of politically appointed positions who have enjoyed their "pay-back" jobs for all too long would most likely find new lines of work rather than endure such public exposure.

Political donations would dry up because no one would be getting jobs or contracts based in which political candidate or party they supported. Most government organizations would shrivel and die because positions would go unfilled.

In a perfect world....

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