Sunday, July 30, 2017

No; It's the color of your soul


Anonymous said...

That's all wrong. I hated her because of her stupid dresses - size small Misses above, Omar the Tentmaker below, déclassé behavior, hypocrisy and all around nasty demeanor.
Then there was her racism too.........
Besides, she ruined my nice picket fence eating an apple through it.
Lt. Col. Gen. Tailgunner dick

0007 said...

She's correct as far as the feelins are concerned, but not the reason. It's really not really her skin, it's the fact that she's just another "gibsmedat" skin-filled bag-o-pus who would still be living in a mud hut and eating bugs on a good day except that some northern-owned slaver sent his ship over to Africa and bought one of her ancestors from an Arab or some other black-tribe seller.

Rodger the Real King of France said...

Like her husband, she's (8765 words) and then some. Oh, and a whiny bitch, too. And a vile racist mofo.

Leonard Jones said...

It is not the color of her skin, it is your malignant narcissism and the kind of
physical ugliness that would drive the maggots off a Civil War gut-wagon. It is
about forcing school kids to eat unidentifiable green drek that would make a billy
goat puke while you were scarfing down $100.00 a pound Koke beef, caviar and 2,500
calorie hamburgers for lunch. It is about the blatant hypocrisy of telling
people what to eat while your ass was growing like the Blob from the old
Steve McQueen movie.

It is about your adopting your fashion sense from the designer's of clown suits, the
under-boob belts, and wearing wigs and using tubs of spackling paste in order to
fool the American people into believing you were attractive! It is about your
abject hatred of the hoi polloi, your disdain for the military, the police and
most of all trying to destroy America along with your hubby, Bathhouse Barry Hussein

It is about your insulting the American flag on an open microphone and most of all
about you and pResident Oblowme crying racism day and night for 8 FREAKING years!

It is time for to stop flapping your cock-holster and walk into the sunset. PS
bitch, try taking some grace, poise, charm and fashion tips from the current
First Lady. That would be a good first step to make you a decent human being!

Leonard Jones said...

PS Not your, but her in the first sentence.

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