Thursday, July 20, 2017

Public nuisances


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i'M sick of this s**t!


For the past week we've been getting spam calls from Quicken Loans that insist they are responding to our request for information. Bullshit.  MoSup did volunteer that she remembers clicking on FB link that took her to a QL site, but she quickly left it.  I guess that's enough for these trolls.

I'm guessing that anyone reading this will be able to chime in with their own experiences.  Every time I visit Drudge lately, there are spam messages at the top that point to recent items I've purchased online, or even looked at.  This is getting way too into my pants, and it pisses me off.  I haven't found it yet, but I know there's a way to shield my net searches and transactions from these trolls.  Anyone?


MAX Redline said...

For phones, I use nomorobo. It really cuts the traffic.

For online searches, Duckduckgo.

Cuzzin Rick said...

If you use Chrome... search in the "Incognito mode.... which you should be doing anyway

Anonymous said...

Try Ghostery, and UBlock Origin if you are using any of the Firefox builds or clones.

Tom said...

A couple of years ago I couldn't remember the name of the hat style that Sherlock Holmes wore. I ran a search for it and for the next 90 days I had Amazon 'deerstalker' ads showing up on my fb page.

Rodger the Real King of France said...

Amazon is quickly looking like plague.

Anonymous said...


Alien said...

I'm running Firefox and use AdBlock Plus and NoScript. Seems to work.

As a side note, I very often have to "temporarily allow scripts" to view stuff, either allow specific site-related scripts or the dreaded "temporarily allow all this page". It's increasingly common to find 20+ scripts on a web site's page (it varies between pages) and once, for S&Gs I kept going with permissions and found 60+ scripts running on a site. Can't remember exactly which, but IIRC it was a large retailer's

I've reached the point that I no longer care if I can't see stuff without granting permissions, i just click off that site and never come back.

UPDATED TO ADD: Rodger, I clicked "I'm not a robot" and had to allow google dot com and gstatic to permit publishing the comment, so you're guilty, too.

Anonymous said...

The Brave browser works well and blocks ads, and fingerprinting under your control.

pdwalker said...

what he said.

leelu said...

I'm using the Opera web browser. It had a built in ad blocker that is excellent. Also, a built-in, free VPN.

Anonymous said...

Ron in Ohio Sez:

Rog, I don't know which one of my add-ons is doing it but, I don't see the ads anymore on The Drudge Report or even on Newsmax which was even more pervasive. The add-0ns I'm speaking of are; ADD BLOCK PLUS ( & AD BLOCK LITE ( - Those, along with my NO SCRIPT ( have completely stopped the intrusive spam/scam/ads crap from my web surfing and my in-box.

Those might help you too. lemme know if they don't and I'll see if there is yet another fix for your set-up.

A few replies to previous commenters;

To MAX Redline:
My neighbor also uses NO-MO-ROBO and he swears by it. He says that he has completely stopped all robo-calls, He has a telephone thru his cable company that offers NO-MO-ROBO, I have a Satellite dish and a land line telephone company that don't offer it as an option, or I would have it too.

To Alien:
Ya' stole my thunder with your suggestions first. Try adding the ADD BLOCK LITE too. I've tried others but they were either too cumbersome or weren't dependable. By-the-way, I have never had the problem you described on Roger's site when I have clicked, "I'm not a robot". My only problem is with the too dark pictures that I must blow-up to see clearly.

SA-X4 said...

I'm old and not very computer savvy, but I'm also plagued with the same problem of spam messages and troll ads. My solution works quite well. I just Google "Women's Thongs" or some such item and click on several of the resulting sites. For the next week or so, I'm greeted by numerous pictures of young female asses. It sure beats having to endure the never ending ads of fuel pumps, brake calipers or what ever else has broken around here recently.

Dan said...

Running win10 and chrome browser.
Ace of Spades kept on freezing up. Had similar problem with edge and even IE.
Installed Brave (stupid name) and have had no problem with Ace of Spades.

Recently went back to viewing Ace on Chrome (Brave wouldn't play some videos) and haven't had the freeze-up problem.


Eskyman said...

@SA-X4- I like the way you think! That's, uh... outside the box, isn't it!

I run Win7 Ult. & use a VPN (Private Internet Access.)
Also Adblock+ and PeerBlock 1.2. DuckDuckGo search.

Maxthon is my preferred browser (but newer versions aren't working too well for me, so I won't recommend it) if it fails then usually I fall back on Pale Moon.

Occasionally nothing else will work but Chrome. I like how Chrome operates, but Google already knows far too much about me; despite their assurances, I don't trust those people. This is part of the reason why:

Did you know that Chrome installs itself into your autostart programs without asking you? It's not my default browser, but if I ever use it- then afterward I have to use Task Mgr to shut down the chrome.exe process, and a Startup Manager (I use Iobit's ASC) to remove Chrome from autostart; otherwise it's always running in the background. That doesn't sound like an open, honest browser to me; sounds about as honest & open as James Comey; maybe it leaks too, I don't know.

Thanks everyone for the above suggestions. I'll look into Brave & Opera; long ago I tried out Brave, and didn't like it but I don't remember why. Opera I've never tried, but obviously people like it or it would't still be around!

Anonymous said...

Brave browser or Pale Moon plus NoScript are pretty good starts.

You can also short-circuit a lot of tracking and advert activity by using a local "hosts" file to subvert the name-to-address translation. Not a panacea, but a reasonable add-on. See and/or

If I throw in AdBlock to this mix, Gateway pundit looks like a text file!

Some of the worst offenders use obfuscation techniques plus javascript to mask names and addresses. NoScript plus the host file kills the majority of these as well.

Anonymous said...

Win 10, firefox and Ublock. Works great, no ads and stable.

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