Monday, July 10, 2017



Rip Tide said...

Male ingenuity... 9/10. Spousal approval factor... less than zero and you wind up doing your "laundry" by hand for a month.

Henry said...

Other than the One Basic Truth in Rip Tide's comment above, the concept has merit. I procured for the cost of hauling it away a fully functional but older and ugly dishwasher being replaced during a major remodel.

Some plywood, casters, hoses and fittings and I had My Very Own Dishwasher in the garage, which I regularly put to uses similar to the one pictured. Biggest hassles were adding a connection to the water heater and configuring access to a drain for it.

Anonymous said...

If your 'dishes' are made of aluminum, don't run them through the washer with dishwasher soap or they'll turn gray. The chemicals in detergents such as Cascade will apparently oxidize the surface. "Someone" washed the ice-cream scoop Mom got from Pampered Chef. It turned ugly gray, and I had to polish it with rubbing compound to make it acceptable once again. I am pretty sure it is aluminum.
Hmmmm. I do have the KitchenAid in the garage. But, no water or drain. It works, sort of, but gets stuck and the motor won't come on. It 'thinks' it did everything right, and you'll get nicely dried dishes with food particles still on them as they were never touched by water. Start capacitor? Dunno. It's 25+.

Anonymous said...

Rim should be shiny side down?

Anonymous said...

I can tell that's a crime scene by the unfinished wheel on the floor. Wife came home and beat him to death with the other two, diced him up and put all of him down the garbage disposal.
She can't fool NCIS though. I'll be their witness.
Lt. Col. Gen. Tailgunner dick

Anonymous said...

Anon (above) is right about aluminum and DW soap. There must be a better substitute, but what seems to work is just a couple drops of regular liquid soap to act as a surfactant to help remove grease/oil. More than that sudses too much and dishwashers don't work when they're full of soap foam.

RE: polishing. For an extremely fine and shiny finish, try ceramic stovetop cleaner. It also works great on Corian sinks and vanity tops.


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