Monday, July 10, 2017

What's Up Doc?

Vivian’s rabbit demo at the Carolina Meat Conference is met with a rowdy rabble of protesters. As a cherished staff member prepares to leave the restaurant, Vivian mourns his loss while anticipating the additional strain. (Rabbit is the meat of the future)

Fascinating, as always.  But more so.


Tom Smith said...

I do like that show.

Jason in KT said...

Rabbit is tasty but you probably shouldn't go on a 100% rabbit diet.

Anonymous said...

It reminded me of the interview with Tommy Shaw of Styx who brought his family to stay with Ted Nugent back in the Damn Yankee days. He said his four year old came in and said "Daddy, Uncle Ted helped me meet Mr. Bunny." He did? Said Tommy. "Uh Huh and then he showed me how to help him get out of his jammies for bed time." -Anymouse

Rodger the Real King of France said...

"showed me how to help him get out of his jammies for bed time"


Unknown said...

Hmmm…Dunno if they still have 'em, 'cause I haven't been down there in years (and I can't find anything about 'em online), but back when I spent a lot of time in Mexico, I remember seeing Church's Fried Rabbit stores, just like the Church's Fried Chicken stores we have here, except...

Eskyman said...

My Dad had to help support his family, way back in Depression days. For a time he was the only one in the family with a job; he was a paper boy. When he got done with that job, he'd go hunting. He had a .22 rifle, and seldom failed to bring home a rabbit.

He was 12 years old.

He often said (out of earshot of my mother) that rabbit stew was some of the best eating he'd ever had.

He once brought home a rabbit, all cleaned & ready to cook (I've no idea where he got it) & gave it to my mother. She fed the cats with it.

I've still never eaten any rabbit- lots of exotic things, like emu, kangaroo, lizard- but no rabbit. It's on my bucket list!

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