Wednesday, July 19, 2017

When the rubber hits the road


Murphy(AZ) said...

Here in Aridzona, folks don't notice things like this till the fender starts to sag.

Skoonj said...

Regularly 115 and over here in Las Vegas.

DougM said...

I just endured a few days (Fri-Mon) with no AC in 95ยบ/75% NC summer.
Got into the spa to cool off (true, actually).

Fifth oldest joke I can remember:
So hot, today, I saw a dog chasin' a cat; an' they was both walkin'.

Eskyman said...

The World Is Turned Upside Down, as this morning- the 19th of July!- it was pouring down rain, here in Carlsbad CA right on the beach. Temp. in the low 70's.

Looks like this year I get all the rusting, but not the swimming.

Maybe Saint Algore slipped into town when I wasn't looking!

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