Wednesday, August 30, 2017

"unwilling sperm recipients"

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... severe appearance deficits; unwilling sperm recipients; You're a lookest!; the learning disabled and the developmentally disadvantaged ... 

(Sample, pulled from the YouTube transcript)

".... personally I prefer plain descriptive language.  For instance, and this is a suggestion that will bother some people,
but I'm serious about it ... why don't we just call handicapped people defective.  You know we don't mind talking about birth defects; we don't flinch from that. We say "Gunther has a birth defect;"  a concession to the fact that people can  be defective. Then what would be wrong with calling those people the physically defective?  At what point in life does a person with a birth defect become a person who is differently abled, and why does it happen?  I'm confused.

Then there are those who don't quite measure up to society's accepted standards of physical attractiveness. The worst of that group are called ugly, or at least it used to be.  The PC lingo cops have been working on this - and to demonstrate how far all this politically correct evasive language is gone, some psychologists are actually now referring to ugly people as those with severe appearance deficits.  Okay, severe appearance deficits.  So tell me,  psychologist,how well does that sort of language qualify for being in denial?  These allegedly well-intentioned people have strayed so far from reality that it will not be a surprise for me to someday hear a rape victim referred to as an "unwilling sperm recipient"!

Back to ugly...  the political language police already have in place one comically distorted term: lookism. They say that when you judge a person, or rather size them up, would want to judge someone that would be judgmental if you take their looks into account you're guilty of lookism.  You're a lookest, and those valiant people who fight lookism -- many of them unattractive themselves -- tell us that one problem is that in our society those who get to be called beautiful and those who are called ugly are determined by standards arbitrarily set by us.  Somehow there's some fault attached to the idea that we the people are the ones who set the standards of beauty well we're the ones who have to look at one another so why shouldn't we be the ones who set the standards?  I'm confused.

 I would say the whole thing was stupid, but that's my next topic, and it would sound like a cheap transition. So stupid,  it's important to face one thing about stupidity -- we can't get away from it! It's all around us!  Doesn't take a team of professional investigators to discover that there are stupid people in the world.  Their presence, and its effects speaks for itself, but where do these stupid people come from?  Well they come  from American schools.  But while they're attending these schools they're never identified as stupid that comes later when they grow up when they're kids you can't call them stupid, which may be contributing to the problem. Unfortunately kids, stupid or otherwise, come under a sort of protective umbrella we've established that prevents them from being exposed to the real world until, at 18, their parents spring them on the rest of us, full-grown! There are stupid kids, and I do wish to be careful how I negotiate the minefield of the learning disabled and the developmentally disadvantaged.  In other words, those with special needs .

All of these being more examples of this tiresome and ridiculous language.  I just want to talk about kids who are stupid, not the ones with dings (one of the terms now used to describe these stupid kids) ....

MoSup sent this George Carlin masterpiece. Unfortunately, those who would most benefit from this logic are now called "Ignorists."


Anonymous said...

Ignoramus only came about because someone hit the "M" on the keyboard rather than the "N". "Ignoranus" would translate roughly to "stupid asshole".

Rodger the Real King of France said...


Gregory said...

Good listen. Correct in all observations.

clayusmcret said...

Needs updating for 2017. "In the village of the visually impaired, the one-eyed person becomes the oppressor."

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