Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Where are the World Police?

I admit to being at sea  about what these commie gooks (yes, gooks.  We are at war with them!) are  about.  The key player is China.  Are they ready to let their client state escalate this to WW3? And go toe-to-toe against us?  Donald Trump is neither Bill Clinton nor  Soetoro.

Speaking of Clinton, all this is on his shoulders.  History will show that he sent Jimmy Carter to deal with Kim-il-sung in 1994, who threatening war, and assuaged him the Clinton way
allowed him nuclear fuel for peaceful purposes.  There's one hitch.  Clinton did not send Carter.  In a leadership vacuum, Jummy simply used his air miles to jet over to North Korea, without portfolio.    

By pure happenstance, here's a must watch video, via cuzzin ricky, of Clinton taking credit for saving mankind in the aftermath.


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Cheesy said...

That 13 YO cartoon could still be why Kim is so butthurt.

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