Monday, September 25, 2017

All in all, a fine comeuppance


Skoonj said...

I have to hand it to the Raiders. They are coming to Las Vegas, and have the locals footing the bill for their new stadium. And that means I have to pay for it. I've been to one NFL game in my life, and that was during the players strike, when some seats were finally available.

So, I will, along with other residents of Clark County, Nevada, have to pay the bill for these players who hate America. Which also means there will be no attendance. Which means the team, which will have no one attend its games, will have a wonderful new stadium paid for by Nevada patriots who will never go to a game there.

It was a terrible idea by our corrupt politicians, who should be forced to pay for it themselves.

James Hooker - Nipple Whisperer said...

Real football is played on Friday nights and Saturday anyway. Fekk 'em.

Murphy(AZ) said...

Billionaire owners, millionaire players... if ANY sports arena is a "great investment," why don't THEY pay for them instead of the taxpayers?

Linda Fox said...

The "peaceful" actions are spreading.

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