Friday, September 29, 2017

American Leftists: Part One

Ben Shapiro
The question I'm most often asked is "why do  Jews vote leftist?"  The answer is simple. The vast majority of Jews don't care  about Judaism, or Israel.  They care about secular leftism which is their actual religion. Ben Shapiro. [Full Video]
PS: That especially goes for the "absolute dumb" Sarah Silverman

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Anonymous said...

Ron in Ohio Sez:

I learned that lesson about Jews and their "selective Judaism" about 9 years from a former friend, of whom I had known for about 8 years in the Detroit area. He was a person that I later found out was an avowed anti-Semite-atheist, although from an established historical and respected Jewish family and business. The second was a former classmate from over 50 years ago in Florida who I never suspected of harboring anti-Jewish/Pro- Socialist sentiments. I have had nothing to do with either ever since.

My point is this; I am not Jewish. I grew-up in South Florida, when English was NOT a second language. I had Jewish aunts and uncles who were married into my family. I had many Jewish friends in and out of school. I had a healthy respect for their culture and religion while not straying from my Christian upbringing. In short, I respected them and they respected me.

I still have the upmost respect for - A TRUE JEW.

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