Friday, September 29, 2017

And Fake News Guy Says ....



Seth Rich killer  strikes again?

PHOENIX (AP) — A leading purveyor of fake news in the 2016 presidential election has died outside Phoenix at the age of 38.

Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office spokesman Mark Casey said Tuesday authorities discovered Paul Horner dead in his bed on Sept. 18.

Casey said the Maricopa County medical examiner performed an autopsy which showed there were no signs of foul play. He said Horner had a history of prescription drug abuse and that “evidence at the scene suggested this could be an accidental overdose.”

But wait!  Firstly, he wasn't famous because, well, have you ever heard of Paul Horner?  Secondly, his affairs d'acompli include:

 Horner was known for writing false stories and disseminating internet hoaxes that often went viral on Facebook and hoodwinked thousands of people.

They included a story falsely claiming President Barack Obama was gay and a radical Muslim, and another saying protesters were being paid thousands of dollars to demonstrate at Donald Trump’s campaign rallies.

Horry Clap!  That could be my obit!  You BASTARDS.

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Chelsea's mom is a murderer.

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