Thursday, September 28, 2017

California Again.

Cal GangstaTics       

Upon closer inspection:
It seems California has already seceded from the union.
California Just Criminalized Undercover Reporting — if Recorded by Conservative Media

The California Attorney General just issued a criminal complaint against two anti-abortion documentary journalists for their undercover videos about Planned Parenthood activity concerning aborted baby parts. It may be the liberal Attorney General assumes his highly selective choice to only prosecute anti-abortion documentarians will allow journalists to turn a blind eye to the extraordinary application of this law to undercover reporting that is common-place in California.

Section 632 of the California Criminal code makes it a crime to “intentionally” and “without the consent of all parties” record a conversation if that conversation is a “confidential communication.” A conversation is, by law, not confidential if there is not a reasonable expectation it cannot be overheard. A conversation is, by law, not confidential if it concerns certain kinds of criminal conduct — colloquially known as the “extortion exemption” but also applicable to other crimes, such as violent crimes against a person.

Under clear California law, the First Amendment protects the publishing of any recording of public interest. Additionally, up until yesterday, it was assumed the First Amendment prevented criminal prosecution for news-gathering investigative undercover recordings in aid of First Amendment activity. A California court already recognized the activity of these two anti-abortion investigative journalists as First Amendment protected activity when denying an injunction against their publishing the results of the recordings. [Full]

Daddy?  Didn't President Eisenhower send troops  into some state that refused to  obey the law?


Anonymous said...

See also: People's Republic
by Kurt Schlichter

Anonymous said...

In my dreams I see US Army soldiers, sent by Trump, arresting Jerry Brown in his office for violating Federal law.

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