Saturday, September 30, 2017

Daddy, Mommy Says she wants one


drew458 said...

I'm not sure I see the point here. Yeah, it's neato, a flat folding little gun. Don't rely on it as personal protection; by the time it's assembled you're already dead. And 1 round of .22LR from a 1.5" barrel? Shoot 'em right in the eye or you're just gonna piss 'em off.

Best part is the ladies who will want one for their purse. Ever see a woman try to find something in her purse? The next ice age will come and go before she locates the gun and finds a man to assemble it for her.

Much better to just carry a stainless steel SP101. It's heavy enough to turn the average pocketbook into an effective club.

Rodger the Real King of France said...

It was just a lark. I carry a Model 82A1 Barrett.

rwnutjob said...

.45...because shooting twice is silly.

Eskyman said...

I've got an NAA Black Widow. 5 shot single action. Fits in my pocket in a leather holster which also holds 5 extra rounds that I hope I'll never have to use, as reloading requires removing the cylinder.

It's .22 Magnum, which has a lot more punch than the .22LR.

Sure I'd prefer to have a .45 (as Marty Robbins put it, a Big Iron on my hip,) but I'm behind enemy lines & have to keep a very low profile; it beats the hell out of having nothing!

I'd really prefer to carry the Barrett, like Rodger- but I never worked out how to straighten the barrel, once I got it out of my pocket. How do you fold yours, Rodger?

Jason in KT said...

@drew458 There was a great comment by an instructor on a firearms blog, "I always hear people talk about how .22 is useless for self-defense but I've never had one volunteer to take a shot from one."

This pistol's best feature is that it doesn't "print." You could carry this in your back pocket and it wouldn't attract any attention. It looks like it goes from folded to ready-to-fire in about 5 seconds (I mimed the motion with my hands and could get from "folded" to "aimed" in about 3). When ready, it does look like a gun, which should have the intended deterrent effect.

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