Saturday, September 16, 2017

In true Hollywood fashion. Who needs 'em?

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Jess said...

I'm thinking he's like many liberals, and unable to realize shooting yourself in the left foot, isn't the solution to shooting yourself in the right foot. It's that, or he's terminally eaten up with the dumbass.

Murphy(AZ) said...

Never did like/watch him. Always seemed like a pompous jackass to me. One more thing, who's to say Pres. Trump would ever eat what he cooked?

Tom Smith said...

Used to like his travel programs but he really turned into a jerk-ass.....criticized Rachel Ray for promoting Dunkin Donuts like she was a rube pedestrian for not sipping vanilla latte from SBUX. Probably off my list of programs anyway but this would ink it.

Anonymous said...

And if Anthony Boordain came to my place for a bite, I'd piss in his soup. Being a food snob, he'd prolly rave about the taste, then note it was a bit too salty.
Second course would be a shit sandwich after I told him about the soup course.
Lt. Col. Gen. Tailgunner dick

Dave in PB said...

And that's all you really need to know about Celebrity Chef Anthony Bourdain.

Anonymous said...

Bourdain's travel programs are all the same. He visits some third world shithole with a local guide who like Bourdain is a drunk. They find some little hole in the wall dump and eat monkey testicles in lizard shit gravy and he proclaims they're the best thing he's ever eaten. He then rants about how much better this sort of food is than anything the American yokels could possibly fix.

Skoonj said...

Bourdain's show has changed over the years. I used to like it, but it became far more political, so I stopped watching. His episode in Hanoi was interesting as Bourdaine ate in a shop with Obama. Bourdain described his dish, before Obama got there, as being with pork. But Obama had the same dish, and it wasn't till months later that I found out his dish was similar but with chicken. I was wondering how they got around the obvious problem with Obama.

He had an episode in Iran. During a major portion of the show, he spent time with a guy who was a reporter for the Washington Post, plus the guy's wife. All during the show he had interactions with ordinary Iranians, including in Tehran, and the main point of the show was that there was a big difference between the nice folks he met there, and the image we are fed here of a really nasty Iran. Then, after Bourdain left the country, his buddy got picked up by the Iranian government and held in prison for months. I guess the Post wrangled something out.

I've been to Tehran several times, all in the 1970s, as a military aircrew. The people were all friendly, but I still had a pistol in my nav bag. The Shah was on our side, but not everyone else was, as we learned. Too bad his SAVAK didn't live up to it's fierce reputation.

So I can tell Bourdain, and actually everyone can tell him that there's a difference between ordinary people you run across and the folks who actually run the country.

Skoonj said...

I have to mention Andrew Zimmern's show, which is FAR better than Bourdain's. And yes, it's changed over the years. He used to eat weird crap, which is why it's called Bizarre Foods. Now his Bizarre Foods show is one hour (as it was then), but themed differently. Right now there's The Yukon Gold Rush Trail and Florida's Conquistador Coast, and he also had one recently about Daniel Boon's trail. Not the emphasis on throat gaggers, but more on interesting stuff found in these places during the time of the events he's highlighting.

Then there is his half hour show, Bizarre Foods -- Delicious Destinations, where he chooses a place to go and shows what stuff the traveler can eat there. Also some history of the place. Right now he's had Mauritius (Indian Ocean), and St. John's (Newfoundland).

Both of Zimmern's shows are terrific in my opinion. My wife likes them as she is a professional cook, and gets ideas from them. For her, the more fish the better.

We also like Adrian Richardson's Secret Meat Business. These were all recorded a few years ago, and play on A Wealth of Entertainment (AWE). He's in New Zealand. His half hour show highlights dishes from around the world, naturally with meat in them. In keeping with the show title, the opening shows him sneaking around the streets, smuggling meat into his lair. I'm going to have to find out if he has more recent programming available. "Salt loves meat and meat loves salt."

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