Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Maryland My Christmas Tree

In 1974, during halftime at a Maryland-Virginia  football game, in College Park, Virginia's pep band outraged us  homeboys. An announcer read from an oh-so-discourteous script, while the band - a Mack Sennet inspired ramshackle - played tunes like "Maryland, My Christmas Tree" (Maryland's anthem, "Maryland My Maryland," shares its melody with "O Christmas tree).  There were easy targets, like our about to be jailed Governor - Marvin Mandel (D), and erstwhile Gov. Spiro Agnew (R). I was in the crowd, and was way pissed .. then.  Now, it appears that the Cavalier pep band was onto something. 

This is the sort of bloody nonsense up with which we should not put. Fkrs.


Anonymous said...

I'm from the Maryland Class of '68, and when I've toured the campus on Google Earth, I didn't recognize the place. Same size student body as 1968, but now twice the buildings. I got a taste of the encroaching PC crap in the spring of '68, when I was an MP in the MLK riots. We got a four hour leave to arrange our personal affairs, so I went back to see my professors to let them know why I was absent. The dean, an old timer, saw me armed and in battle dress and immediately knew what I was doing, and assured me I'd have time to catch up on my studies, but the rest of my professors cut me no slack. Immediately upon my return, they gave exams on the matter covered during my two week absence, and I failed them. Thanks to them, I had to take final exams to graduate, something seniors are usually exempt from. While taking them, I watched my classmates playing softball in front of the engineering building. U of Md regularly sends me requests for donations. After the way they treated me and they way they've blown money on frivolous building (like a huge outdoor swimming complex for "students"), I send back an empty envelope with a big FU on the form.

I have deep roots in Maryland on my mother's side, but the political reality of the state is why I'll NEVER return. If I go north from here in Virginia, I go up through the narrow western part by Frederick or Hagerstown to reduce my exposure to the poison centering around Baltimore and DC.
Rodge, I don't know how you keep your sanity, living in the belly of the beast.
Lt. Col. Gen. Tailgunner dick

Rodger the Real King of France said...

Dick, fantastic!!!

Tom Smith said...

If there is a ever a boycott, it should be aimed at big universities. The costs and buildings keeps rising. At Georgia State there is a professor making over $600k/yr. Not sure how online degrees cost so much but those and technical schools are the best value.

Generally speaking, most kids for the past 20 years have wanted that big campus experience but the cost goes mostly ignored because student loans pay for far more than tuition and they are thinking that someone else will pay that loan off or the government will one day forgive it.

Anonymous said...

As to taking "Curley" Byrd's name off the Maryland stadium, I'd remind those oh-so-sensitive blacks and the non-black virtue signaling power grabbers that if it weren't for American slavery, and the ~450,000 American white men that died to free them, their ungrateful black asses more than likely would not be Maryland alumni, but instead, subsistence farmers or storekeepers in some African hellhole.
I'm damned sick and tired of the tail wagging the dog; IOW, I'm fed up with 13% of the population telling the other 87% how to live.
Lt. Col. Gen. Tailgunner dick

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