Friday, September 15, 2017

Trump's Godfather-ly sitdown

Trump's Godfather-ly sitdown with Pelosi and Schumer

Stu Tarlowe <>
7:16 AM (1 hour ago)

Far be it from me to encourage, support or condone political assassination (at least not of anyone in this country).

And yet, when I heard about Trump’s dinner with Chuck U. Schumer and Pelosi Galore, my subconscious mind forced me to think of a scene from a 1972 movie in which a man went to dinner with two of his enemies:


First of all, far be it from me to wish to even set foot anywhere near the figurative territory inhabited by the likes of Maria Chappelle-Nadal, the Missouri State senator from suburban St. Louis who vociferously broadcast her desire to see President Trump assassinated (and who has been, thus far, only censured but not removed from office). Far be it from me to encourage, support or condone the assassination of anybody (at least not anybody in this country)!

And yet, when I heard about Donald Trump actually sitting down to dinner with Chuck U. Schumer and Pelosi Galore (whom Mark Levin has called “saboteurs, out to destroy Trump’s presidency”), try as I might I simply could not prevent my subconscious mind from free-associating and directing my thoughts to one of my favorite scenes from “The Godfather”:





Those are a few of the comments to Stu's explication. For my part, I really don't pay much attention to any of it anymore.  I felt going in that Trump was our last and only hope, and Oorah, he won.  I am not going to question a  thing he does, because either I was right to place my trust in him, or I wasn't.  I am however flummoxed  by how deep the Deep State is.  I used to have a red button that we could press and blow the crap out of everyone.  Can't find it.  I think MoSup put it in with the washer, and dissolved it, she swears sh did not.   I forgive her.


Skoonj said...

Trump could have hired Anthony Bourdaine to prepare dinner, then switched his plate with Schumer.

GrinfilledCelt said...

I'm happy with Trump as long as he continues to refrain from being Hillary. I have never expected much more than that from him.

Anonymous said...

Trump is Trump, and his greatest value is in Not Being Hillary.

That said, despite Trump, if the problem is to be solved it will be By Other Means.

Trump is buying us time, and if he accomplishes nothing else, that will be valuable enough. Tempus fugit, however, so squander not.

Unknown said...

Trump was far from my first choice, but I'm still very pleased to have him in the WH. His accomplishments thus far (in undoing Obama's damage) are legion, but you won't hear 'em cataloged in the Lamestream Press.

Rodger the Real King of France said...

Well, that seems to be unanimous.TRUMP IN 2020!

Eskyman said...

I'm still in my seat on the Trump Train, and I'm not considering getting off.

Reasons why include:
-No other train going anywhere near where I want to go, which is back to the country I once had;
-RINOs now have got a wake-up call, the ball is now in their court and midterms are coming up (the fear is palpable, and I'm loving it;)
-I've watched videos from 30 years ago where Trump was describing the problems this country has, and they're still the same now only worse, and he still wants to fix them;
-Trump's sitdown with Pelousy and Schemer is really upsetting the Far-Left jerks in the Dems (I'm loving this one too, popcorn time!)

There are lots of other reasons, but that's the Starter Pack.

And as Stu pointed out, he's already made a lot of progress, but the #LyingMedia is doing their damnedest to make sure no one ever hears of his accomplishments.

Anonymous said...

Of the 20 something opponents {d's + r's} that Trump had in the primary and election cycle there was one single issue that separated him from the entire rest of field, one issue...... that was "illegal immigration". It was perhaps the one issue that carried him across the finish line.

The msm would have us believe that there are 850K DACA eligible "kids" here, brought into the Country by no fault of their own. I don't believe that number, I believe the number is more like 4x that. Once given any kind of status, the next issue will be the "parents" who illegally brought them here, and that will set off the "Chain Migration" that is crippling our Country, and that has put us on a glide path to 3rd World status.

Whether Congress funds or don't fund a Wall to be built as part of that agreement would amount to nothing. It will never happen and if it does, it would be the equivalent of closing the Barn Door after. We've been down this road before, many, many times before.

The Wall, E-Verify, Visa Enhancements, Enhanced ID's have all been funded before and ignored by members of both parties. According to some estimates a DACA agreement between Trump and the Congress would open the door for approximately 7+ million mostly third world immigrants, and in time who is to say that anything will be enforced as the agreement or law would provide in the future? Nothing agreed too by Reagan and Congress in the 1986 Immigration law or any law since hasn't been enforced.

Why don't we start right there, the current law?

This is a monumental mistake by Trump, thinking that he is going to get a good deal from the likes of Schmucky or Piglosi. I think Trump sent a great message across the bow of Mitch da Bitch and Paul Piglosi with the CR deal, especially after the two hurricanes. There are other issues he could take up and deal with the dems on, in order to get the gopE attention. DACA is not it.

When you put a silk shirt on a pig, it's still a pig.

Everyone who got Trump to the White House, is now on the outside looking in and the dems/establishment are in control of everything now and has his ear. This isn't going to end well, for us.

{I'm standing in the Door and waiting for the Go!}

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