Sunday, October 29, 2017

...Aunt Jemima could not be reached for comment.

Kellogg's have apologized ... 

... after a member of the Social Justice Breakfast Brigade complained about racially insensitive artwork on a package of Corn Pops.

The artwork included cartoon characters shaped like corn kernels frolicking about in a shopping mall. All but one of the kernels was yellow. The lone brown kernel was working as a janitor.


Eskyman said...

Silly Kelloggs. They should've known better than to show the brown kernel working.

Everybody knows that's a real stretch!

Unknown said...

Kellogg's showed their true colors back when they pulled their advertising from Breitbart, with the comment that they really didn't need "those kind of people" as customers. Screw 'em. Although General Mills isn't much better, considering who their current round of Cheerios commercials clearly panders to.

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