Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Be Still My Heart!

Bannon will back primary challenges against EVERY Republican running for Senate re-election next year except Cruz - as Trump's former strategist hatches plan to boot McConnell from majority leader job [FULL]


Murphy(AZ) said...

It would seem that he's not here to save the GOP, but to save the GOP from itself by steering a "right" turn to keep our sorry a*sses off the rocks. But why exclude Cruz? Are we keeping him as a reminder how screwed up Republicans have become?

Anonymous said...

Maybe Cruz is going to be the next Supreme Court nominee?

The Senate no doubt would love to get rid of him, but would they vote for him to sit on the Court?

I was curious about that statement myself.


Anonymous said...

Keep Mike Lee too.
Lt. Col. Gen. Tailgunner dick

Eskyman said...

I've been less than impressed with Sen. Cruz, the naturally-born Canadian (who didn't want anyone to know about that while he was running for President.)

He didn't fill me with admiration the way he handled Donald Trump's winning the nomination, either. YMMV.

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