Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Lotta Memories Here Boss

Silky-voiced Jimmy Beaumont, frontman for Skyliners, dies at 76

Jimmy Beaumont, the golden-voiced singer of the Skyliners, died Saturday in his sleep at his home in McKeesport at age 76 after a career that lasted nearly 60 years.

Mr. Beaumont, a humble and soft-spoken star, was still singing as recently as Sept. 17 when the Skyliners performed a concert in New York.

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Skoonj said...

That was one of my favorite songs, and a few months ago I downloaded the original to my iTunes collection. Sometimes I'm afraid to listen to a singer I enjoyed decades ago as he sounds now, since I've heard several who were no longer that good. Not so here, Beaumont was excellent. I also heard Ray Price on Huckabee's Fox show the other year. I'd followed Ray during the 1960s especially, and wondered how he'd do, fearing of course that the 80+ year old singer couldn't hack it any more. Well, he did a couple of songs I was very familiar with from back then. He was so good I had to look hard to see if he were lip synching, which I found he wasn't. Damn, he was great. Still. And Huckabee was having the time of his life on guitar with The Cherokee Cowboys. We lost Ray a couple of years later. Damned shame.

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