Monday, October 30, 2017

My Trifecta

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(Five 10 second panels below)
“The plaques in our sanctuary make some in our presence feel unsafe or unwelcome,” leaders said, a reference to the fact that Washington was a slaveholder.

Tell me you're surprised.  I had an inkling, and it panned out.
Do I know these people, or what!

Story Here
Church Perps Here


Unknown said...

This dovetails with the news that in Washington DC they're erecting a statue of Marion Barry. That's right, while statues of Robert E. Lee come down and George Washington's church pew plaque is removed, the crack-smoking whoremonger mayor of DC is celebrated.

Marion Barry's most famous quote (besides "Bitch set me up!") was "DC has a very low crime rate, if you don't count the murders. We can't do nothing about the murders."

Look for a similar pattern to emerge and expand; statues of the Founders and other heroic personages will be replaced with statues of Joanne Chesimard and Mumia Abu-Jamal.

As Bob Grant used to say, "It's sick out there, and getting sicker!"

Gregory said...

This is what happens when you let women run things and even be leaders...... Most of them nowadays would fuck up cooking boiled water. I will not attend a church where women are priests or pastors.

Rip Tide said...

Fuck the doomed.............

Anonymous said...

Rector? SHE's a rector? Check your spelling.
Not it's not cunt, although she is. Another opening.
I tremble for what she taught the children in her classes.
Lt. Col. Gen. Tailgunner dick

Dan said...

I don't think we should allow them to rejoin Holy Mother Church.

LivingFossil said...

Where's the requisite LGBTOKAFCS, melanin enhanced, or any of the other 67 genders? I say we mock them and sue them until they comply with our vision of womanity.

Anonymous said...

From an article on the issue:
"Church leaders did not say whether they will attempt to return the $10,000 gift [in 1918] from Lee’s daughter."
Church leaders are weasels, no doubt Democrats, and won't return it because someone will point out the 2017 inflation adjusted value of the $10,000 is $163,456.29 just for inflation, not even considering what it earned if invested at the S&P rate.
At the average S&P return over 99 years, without reinvested dividends, the bitches can pay the Lee family $3,310,398.75
Lt. Col. Gen. Tailgunner dick

Rodger the Real King of France said...

If I'm a parishioner, I'm long gone from this stinkhole.

rickn8or said...

Paul tried to warn you...

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