Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Please don't throw me ...

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Oil/Water.  Gays/Islam DUH
Lucas stated: “Gays, no matter how much you brainwash them, it is very difficult in the end to say, ‘No, Islam is not an enemy of gay people.’ So as public opinion of gay people was changing, gay publications, most of them stopped publishing my articles about Islam.”

“And that is actually very interesting. I could write about anything but not about Islam because gay people should be in their own box … It is becoming dangerous that gays are leaving their base and the party line because the party line is ‘Islam is a good thing. Islam is our friend.’”

" Porn Kingpin
" pretty much has me dismissing anything this guy has to say. However, this is the first instance I've found where someone in the homosexual community even refers to this elephant in the gay living room.  Islam demands the execution of  homosexuals.  And quite specifically so.  Throw him off the town minaret.  If the town has no minaret, throw him from a plane,  helicopter, or something.  Hopefully that community in the USA will decide to rejoin America and start reflecting over whatever the hell leftist ideologies they've hitched their wagon to.  I mean that in the good and respectful way.

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