Thursday, November 02, 2017

Lord, please let Dr. Rigsby be a Democrat. So I know there's at least one who's grounded.

Has there ever need a better graduation speech?
Tom Smith


Anonymous said...

The Best one ever, hands down. Solid 10+


Rodger the Real King of France said...

That's why you're on the "Smart Team" Geo.

Anonymous said...

Here's what's impressive about this (aside from the content of his speech, which is grand): His name is RICK Rigsby; not "Trayvon" or "Antwan" but "Rick". He claims to be "from the 'hood" but his speech pattern doesn't have a whiff of ghetto patois. So that "3rd grade dropout" gave him an assimilationist name, not a separatist name, and encouraged him to speak, not in Ebonics, but in the King's English. So, does that make Dr. Rigsby any less Black? Does that deny his ethnic culture? Does it make him worry about being called an "Uncle Tom" or accused of "acting white"? Of course not! But contrast this with Mr. Snoop-fucking-dog., whose only "culture" is the culture of the ghetto. Who embodies the true spirit of America?

It wouldn't surprise us one bit if Dr. Rigsby (like Rev. M.L. King) were a Republican.

Anonymous said...

Ron in Ohio Sez:

Rog, absolutely the best motivational speech that I have ever heard! Thanks for sharing.

My only gripe is that somehow my "Clip Extractor" will not copy it, even when I go directly to the YouTube site. First time that's happened and I cannot, for the life of me, understand why. My wife say's, "keep trying, we need to save that one and watch it every once in awhile."

Thanks again!

jlw said...

it's an excellent speech, but when i tried to find out what his "four degrees" are i found out that he is a professional motivational speaker. the speech remains excellent, of course, but it does lose a bit of it's luster for me. YMMV.

here is a bio

Ron, i suspect that you can't copy the speech because he is a pro and sells it.

Jason in KT said...

He's black, so there's a 95% chance he's democrat.

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