Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Louis C.K. | July 11, 1988

Res Ipsa Loquitur

Louis C.K. is the only foul-mouthed comedian I can listen to for more than 5 minutes (I'm more a Brien Regan, Margaret Smith, Jim Gaffigan kind of guy).  Louie  can be very, very crude at times; but he has real insight into the human equation, and almost always makes complete sense. New York Jewish, yes, but I would not be surprised if he secretly voted Republican.  Anyway, no way I'd recognize him here, without a the lead. And scarcely any gutter talk.


Merrily said...

Creative genius. You could sense a wounded vulnerability in his comedy and writing, but the shocking degree of dysfunctionality is the death of his career. Makes me very sad to lose his perspective and ability to make me lose it laughing.

Eskyman said...

I have mixed emotions about all this bringing-down-the-bad-guys hysteria going on right now.

On the one hand it's good that people who have been using women as toys to play with, just because they can, are being revealed as the tyrants they are and being thrown down from their high places (that goes for those who mistreat other men or boys as well.) It's part of the cancer that power brings with it: "“Despotic power is always accompanied by corruption of morality.” as Lord Acton said.

On the other hand, talent that resides on the edge, and which can generate fresh comedy as well as tragedy, requires the freedom to take risks and fail. Louie C.K. wouldn't have been on stage in the '50s with his comedy, he'd have been put in jail if he said those things in public. Hedy Lamarr, remember, was outcast because she portrayed having an orgasm in the film "Ecstasy." Do we want to go back to the Hayes Code, where married couples had to sleep in separate beds?

On the gripping hand, I find myself having to defend even louses like Al "Fish Lips" Franken, because it looks to me like in many cases he WAS "just trying to be funny," and jokes don't always work. Sometimes you have to try them, and comedians (and actors/actresses) don't always succeed. It's harder, since I don't like Franken's politics, or his shtick, and I don't find him funny. Also, I find his type of comedy mean-spirited, which I particularly dislike.

Still, all comedy is based on someone's getting hurt. "Slipped on a banana peel, ha ha." Not funny to the guy who slipped! Think of jokes- isn't someone always getting hurt in some way? Even if it's just their feelings?

Women are intent on making the world safe. Safe, but not free; can't have both you know. I have great misgivings about this project, and I'm often very glad that I am old. I do hope it ends well!

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